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    Selling my Capri 14.2 Jacksonville, Florida

    I listed it on Martin
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    What GPS

    I would buy one of the cheap Etrex ones, like the etrex yellow. You should get it for under $100. It's just fine and gives you your groundspeed. Don't forget that if you...
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    Sailing the Capri with the hatch open?

    Thanks Richard for the advice. That's what I thought as well. Will go no and open the drain plug. Martin
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    Sailing the Capri with the hatch open?

    Hello, I just have my Capri for two weeks now and almost capsized it once. I never sailed a boat which had a hatch like the Capri before. So, I'm not sure if you can / should sail it with the hatch open and what the effects would be if it capsizes. Will it still float? Are there flotation...
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    Original Manual / Parts Catalogue

    Hello, two weeks ago I bought a Capri 14.2, 1985. I have sailed before, nevertheless I would like to have the original manual for the boat. I know that I can get a Handbook from the Capri National Associaton, and I plan to buy one of those, but having the original handbook would be nice as...