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    Bottom Paint

    Thanks, I will be morning in Port Jefferson harbor in salt water off Long Island sound , any suggestions?
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    Bottom Paint

    Found the j 24 I've been looking for but it has never been bottom painted. I will be mooring and need to know the best anti foul to use for speed and approximately what this should cost from my local boat guy. Is there a template that is used to judge the waterline on a clean hull?
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    J24 #2766 1981 - Race Ready, Dry Sailed, Trailer

    Yes pictures would be great Mark
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    Golden Oldie.....#189 J-24

    Do you have any pictures Has vermiculite been removed ? Mark 516-455-6145
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    Race Ready J-24 and Trailer; Upstate New York

    Is this j/24 still available? Mark 516-455-6145