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    Sailboat For Sale

    The boat has been sold.Thank you to all who called and showed an interest.
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    Sailboat For Sale

    READY TO SAIL! 1983 Hobie Holder 12 w/Trailer Hull is off white Sail is red, blue, yellow, & white (excellent cond) $1400 obo Located in Portsmouth, VA Call Mark @ #757-535-2754
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    Mermaid sailboat for sale in Virginia

    Thank you for all the e-mails and phone calls.The boat has been sold.
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    Mermaid sailboat for sale in Virginia

    Im sorry the boat is a 1966 and is in very good condition.You don't need to do a thing to this boat but sail it!
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    Mermaid sailboat for sale in Virginia

    For sale 1965 Mermaid.Very similar to a Sunfish.It has a bigger cockpit and is a little wider than a Sunfish.This is the very first Mermaid produced.It has a fiberglass kick up rudder and kick up dagger board.The splashgaurd is molded into the deck.The boat is complete and ready to sail.It is...
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    Sunfish for sale in Portsmouth,Va.

    The boat and sails are sold.
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    Measure the sail and call South Sails in Florida.Mac makes a great sail and did one for my Sun Dolphin.Its hard to find a sail without the Sunfish logo on it.It was about $180.00.
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    Spars and sail needed...

    I have a sail in good shape,no tears or rips.The sail is on the booms.Call me at 757-535-2754.I live in Virginia.
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    Sunfish for sale in Portsmouth,Va.

    I have a mid 60's sunfish hull with the new style gudgeon.This is a soild boat and is light,about 130 pounds.It also has a nice sail already on the booms .I do not have a mast,rudder/tiller or daggerboard.It has a small crack on the deck in front of the daggerboard well.It has an inspection...
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    Lockley Newport Scat For Sale Virginia

    I have the same boat and I live in the Hampton Roads area.Please call me at 757-535-2754.I'm very interested.
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    Need Sunfish Trailer E. VA

    Call me at 7575352754.I know where you can get one cheap and in good shape.
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    Homemade daggerboard options

    Check out Tosh Custom Boatworks.They make all kinds of daggerboards and rudders for all kinds of sailboats.The prices are real cheap.
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    Used Sail Needed

    I have a yellow,white and blue sail.Lot of years left in her.I'll take $75.00.
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    Still looking for a rig....

    Jack,I stillhave the sail,let me know if you still need it.I made a call about the mast and booms for your brother's fish.I'll find out on Sunday if the people still have it.