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    List Prices for Sunfish Over the Years

    Thanks.... That's a great idea! :) I'm looking for something empirical... real-world vs. estimated
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    List Prices for Sunfish Over the Years

    Is there any available record of the the List prices for Sunfish over the years? I seem to remember as a child in the mid to late 1960s that the list price was somewhere between $500 and $1000 US. At that time I was sailing an O'Day Javelin which I "remember" my father purchased new with a...
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    Delivery of Sunfish via Pickup Truck

    If properly tied-down, cushioned at all touch points and thickly wrapped in moving blankets, is it ok to transport a sunfish as shown in the diagram below…. This would be a one-time only 100 mile trip for delivery. My concern of course is around stress on hull. Thanks! Mark

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