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    Aussie Laser Sailors

    Nice to meet you guys. I haven't even taken my boat off its trailer this season - yet! dagnammit! :(
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    Grammar and spelling scrap

    Gees... now I remember why I don't come to this forum very often... :( What a shame you guys are. What a shame. I come here to learn about, talk about and share stories about Lasers. Not my grandma :D
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    Aussie Laser Sailors

    Hiya. Carcoar Dam is half-way between Bathurst and Cowra, in NSW's Central West. About 3 1/2 - 4 hours west of Sydney. Yeah... if you wanna experience rural inland lake sailing mid-winter, give Keepit Kool Regatta a try! I didn't go last year myself, as it was snowing! you'd be more than...
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    Aussie Laser Sailors

    Thanks for the info, Rock Steady. I haven't done nearly enough sailing this season, bugger it! Not to worry. Thanks again.
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    Three can sail a Laser

    At least their keeping their tuck out of the water, huh? hahahahaaaa
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    Aussie Laser Sailors

    Looking forward to that. I'm looking forward to geting along and watching the Terrigal Regatta too... a little birdy told me they may need volunteers to help out? I'm sending an email as we speak! heh heh
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    3 Levels of Laser Sailing

    Hey! You've been sailing out my way, surely?!? lol Thanks heaps for those amazing series of photos too, mastermike and you guys! The #3 one is just waaay too intense! whoo hoo!
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    Bought a Laser!!! :D

    That sounds awesome! Where in Cairns do you sail? In and around the harbour, or outside? I was up there about a month ago... perfect sailing weather, but alas I didnt get the opportunity to get out on the water :(
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    Pix from Summer Solstice Regatta

    Congratulations - and great pics too. Thanks :)
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    Best instructional book for laser?

    I found this one really helpful for me, in my first season as Laser noob: "The Complete Introduction to Laser Racing" - Edited by Ben Tan :) I've been able to borrow both of the Rooster "Boat Whisperer" DVD's as well. Once I got past the 'interesting' presentation style, I've been able to...
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    why so strict?

    [deletes post, as he won't even acknowledge the negativity going on here]
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    centreboard wobble

    Thanx Glasky! But it wasn't MY boat that had the board wobble! heh heh. Twas nice to sail with you on Sunday too. Thanx. No worries, computeroman2. I was just throwing in my 2-cents-worth. Just my impression from everything that I've read in here and in books and thru Google etc. It's still a...
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    centreboard wobble

    From what I've read, the 'wobble' described here isn't good. But the 'humming' debate is still up in the air. About half the argumemnts say that the boards 'humming' when at speed is a good thing, and hald say it's not! So - take your pick! heh heh It's still an awesome sound when it happens tho...
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    center bord shock cord

    A bit more tension in the elastic should do the trick... that's what I found, yeah. But also check the rubber brake at the rear of the box, as Russell suggested too. Enjoy :)
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    a funny race day

    Wow... nice pics! Thank you! I assume they're taken of your fleet sailing in Turkey? Excellent!