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    Less activity, more sailing?

    > I suppose we are all out sailing and having a good time. Actually, I'm doing home stuff and waiting for it to cool off a bit before returning to my West Texas lake. 100 degrees air temp most days for the last three weeks and 88 degree water. :)
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    Mast step bolt

    Elegant solution!
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    Photos Baby Bob Mast Float on Capsized 14.2

    The "Baby Bob" is made by the Hobie Company. Most sailboat shops have it or can order it. It can be found online by searching on "Hobie Baby Bob". Cost is $100 to $120 depending on source. Mine came with brackets that needed to be cut a bit to fit inside the C14 mast and holes needed to be...
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    Hull number puzzle, Ω 14

    Explanation of Federal Hull ID Numbers Look on the upper right corner of the rear of the transom for a longer number. If you find one then the info below may be helpful. I got this info from the Sunfish group on Yahoo. Hull Identification Numbers (HIN) first became a federal requirement on...
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    Photos Baby Bob Mast Float on Capsized 14.2

    > would you say it's about 30" from water level to the CB? Sounds about right - to the base of the CB. Maybe a couple of more inches to the tip, when on its side, due to the angle that the boat floats at. > How does your ladder work? See photo. The ladder is on hinges. When it is...
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    Photos Baby Bob Mast Float on Capsized 14.2

    By the way, some have posted in other threads that turtling a C14 is no big deal. I agree with that except that the lake that I sail on is very shallow. A turtle would likely put the end of my mast into one or two feet of mud. I had that experience on a Sunfish and it was a bear to get it...
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    Photos Baby Bob Mast Float on Capsized 14.2

    > Is the boat floating there? If it is it sure floats high in the water! Yes, the boat was floating. My C14 does float very high in the water. As shown in the photos below, there was only an inch or less of water over the starboard gunwale. The odd thing is that in my memory of several...
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    Photos Baby Bob Mast Float on Capsized 14.2

    Been meaning for a while to post some staged capsize photos of a Hobie Baby Bob equipped 1987 Capri 14.2 (Mod 1). Finally got around to it today while waiting out a thunderstorm warning. The wind was 10 to 15 MPH, mostly broadside against the hull bottom. I let the boat float on its side for...
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    Water coming in through the CB slot.

    You may need a new centerboard gasket. See the thread below. If you do end up needing a new gasket, be sure to tell the order taker the year of your boat. The gaskets have changed over the years.
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    Austin Sailing Newbie

    > we capsized on our first tack and turtled Next time, have the lighter member of your team rapidly swim to the end of the mast and hold it up - assuming they are wearing a PFD. The heavier team member handles the centerboard side of the drill. And don't forget to release the main sail if...
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    Advice for Newbie

    > Just a little query - I have seen boats that has a little floating thingy (shaped like a blimp) > on their mast. The idea is that the mast stays afloat after a capsize and prevent it > from turning turtle. Are you aware of it and does it work on the Capri? I know from personal...
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    music on my 14.2

    > I'd consider it myself, but I'm not much of a newbie to sailing, > I'd worry the investment would be ruined if/when I capsize the boat. In my lake sailing experience, a 14.2 equipped with a mast float or a Baby Bob usually won't take on any water when it capsizes, unless there is...
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    I recommend the Garmin Etrex Legend HCx, plus an add on topo map pack for your area. It is reasonably water proof but doesn't float. I have had two. The first one is on the bottom of my local lake - probably still working. :)
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    Prevent turtling with a sail float sleeve

    > In sort of a hijack of this thread, three questions regarding the baby bob: > 1. Anyone who has one of these ever turtled their C14.2? I agree with the comment of a previous poster, I doubt that a Baby Bob equipped C14.2 can turtle, even in gusty wind. I was knocked over in a heartbeat by...
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    Capri 14.2 Mod 1 1986 Manual Attached

    I have placed a copy of the manual on my website at the URL below. Best regards, Major H