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    WTB Laser - Complete

    I must correct myself. I did not notice your budget, which is a little less than what I can part with the boat for. Sorry for the confusion.
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    WTB Laser - Complete

    If you are still interested, I have a 2004 race ready Laser in excellent condition with a hull cover, but no trailer. Sails, blades and a few upgrades included. I am in Columbus, Ohio (Leatherlips Yacht Club).
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    preparing the underside of the hull

    Did I read somewhere that Beeswax or surfboard wax would work nicely?? I personaly don't agree with wax........
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    Rooster has some of their stuff like line and hiking straps
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    replacement hiking strap

    I have seen the huge straps being sold, but I hae never seen one on the water. I went with the rooster one (which at the time, and it may still be, was the cheapest one from APS) and love it. Dan
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    Best Place to order sails

    dude, check out my post in the class rules section ("new laser sail"). I went with north and after one season it feels just like any other sail, not good. If you want one from the states I highly recommend APS sailing APS sailing
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    What do I look for?

    you want the full rig. If you have kids or a lighter wife, the laser can be changed to fit anyone.check this out
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    centerboard play

    in the sailing portion of this forum there was a question about centerboard play. Is tape, like that found on APS for use around the top part of the board class legal? dan
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    centerboard fit

    :rolleyes: good point, I've only used it on practice boats that belong to the club. I'll make a post in the class rules section........
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    centerboard fit

    The board does move from side to side. It happens with every Laser. (or at least every laser I've ever raced against. This link has some tape in it that can fix that problem. click here dan
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    Short-course sail controls

    I play my downhaul more than anything else. I set the outhaul to relate to the waves and in the wind you're talking about, take the slack out of the vang. If I can't hold the boat down, more cunningham and maybe a little vang. I am curious as to why so many people chose the vang....... Dan
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    Something loose in hull

    Your boat has large watertight bags that are used for flotation (5 of them) They are not attached to anything so yes they will move around. You may have pieces of glass loose in the boat also. These are no serious threat, just maybe a little annoying.
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    I have the Ainslie book. The clips are close up and easy to see. I would recomend it.
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    position in boat

    You should always stay foreward in the Laser, except when planing. If your boat has mainsheet cleats, put your foreward cheek close enough to that so they are touching even overlaping at times. From here you can still hike and thus, you should be able to keep the boat flat. I too sail on a small...
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    I have read the other threads on pointing in this forum, but I still need advice when it comes to sailing up wind. My problem is this; no matter who I sail with durring the race or who I tune with before, I can never point as high and it is becoming a real problem. When I tune with someone our...