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    PFD regulations?

    Dear all, I observe an increasing use of extremely low profile of PFD's in national and international events. Some of them seem to come from kite-surf of wake-boarding manufacturers. Are there any regulation for PFD's used on ILCA Laser event that these products would have to meet? In other...
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    Laser Sails in or near Houston

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    Laser Sails in or near Houston

    Dear all, just a short question: Where can I buy Laser sails in or near Houston?
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    Depowering order!?

    49208, I agree with wavedancer and torid and want to say thanks.
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    Depowering order!?

    Hi 49208, interesting points! Could you possibly ad a "because" to each decision to make the list more illustrative. Thanks.
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    Hiking Bench

    ... nice hiking bench and very trendy boots indeed. But coming back to "Wags's" question: How do you organize (with respect to duration and pauses) your hiking bench training routines? My question comes from the observation that I don't have greater problems to hike during a long...
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    Compass again: Silva 103R or 103RE?

    Dear all, I was also convinced of the advantages of using a compass. Now I have to decide which one to buy. I need a compass that I can easily use on different hulls, so the Silva 103 mounted on the "Spider" seemed to most reasonable for me. (correct?) But,the Silva 103 is available as...
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    Winter Workout

    Selwell, I can recommend Michael Blackburns book "Sail Fitter". It covers all aspects of fitness training for dinghy sailing. In the appendix you find a large variety of exercises for the gym or even for at home. It also has a focus on how to get fit without injuries. In the states...