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    downwind etiquette?

    <quote> His response was to quickly head up and tap the leeward corner of the "offending" boat.</quote> Surely you can't do that? OK the overtaking/windward boat does need to stay clear however once you have an overlap you cant deviate from your proper course to force a collision. Isn't it...
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    Noob Questions - Hiking Strap and Downwind

    You want your hiking strap as tight as possible but as loose as necessery. :-) I think it is a very individual thing. Too tight and you will begin to wear a groove into the back of your calfs aswell as blocking the blood to your feet (difficult to tack with numb feet), too loose and I find it...
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    Trailering Laser 2000

    Think trailers are a bit like that in Germany too, I have a freind who lived over there... So your trailers have to be registered to be road worthy yet your cars don't?
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    Trailering Laser 2000

    Interesting, based on some of the wrecks of cars I have seen on the roads (Does N.America have an equiv to out MOT?) over there....... Off topic a little I know however is interesting
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    Trailering Laser 2000

    Why wouldn't they let you import the road base?
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    small car... car top rack??

    When I first got my Laser I roof topped it back. My set up looks allot like lillcumpi' above however I took the wheels off the launch trolly/dolly, they spin, vibrate cause allot of noise and probably marginaly effect your fuel consumption. One thing you will find it the beam of the Laser is...
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    Irish Sea Challenge

    Its probably worth avoiding any second hand boats/sails these two may be selling over the next few months ;-)
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    Irish Sea Challenge

    Two guys are sailing from Dublin (Ireland) to Southport (England). 115 Nautical Miles in Lasers for charity. Hope you dont mind me posting (I have no attachment, just interest in the size of the challenge), as you can see it's that feller from Rooster again
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    Laser >> Info

    I have am looking after a Laser 2 Regatta (with all the racing mods) and frankly wouldn't be inclined to actually buy one. They are OK as far as boats go, decently powered, nice big symetric spinnaker (with a 7' spinny pole which can be lethal) but they are a bit old hat now. They use the...
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    I don't understand the traveler design - please 'splain it to me

    On bigger boats the idea of the traveler is to adjust the sheeting angle to effect the downward pressure on the leech of the sail (directly effecting sail twist further up the mast). Therefore it allows you to be close hauled without the mainsheet pulling the boom down. Not two sure you would...
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    Pin The Tell Tail On The Sail

    Where you can have tell tails on your sails aren't governed by the Class Rules???? Are they??
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    Pin The Tell Tail On The Sail

    I have recently acquired a bag of new tell tales for my sail as the single solitary tell tail I have is starting to look a bit lonely up there. So... to prevent my sail from resembling a shag pile carpet I would like to know what the common opinion is, on where is the best place to locate tell...
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    The Joy of Laser Sailing

    lol :D we have all been there. Think 5 attempts to recover from capsize where the boat capsizes the other way was my record. My partner standing on the bank was in stitches laughing. Have now moved to a larger Lake which is 7m deep so 360's are possible, however have learnt the art of the...
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    The Joy of Laser Sailing

    Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity. Just thought would add this....... What I love about the Laser is simplicity. On looking at the dwindling number of Lasers that seem to be at my club and the large Solo class that we have. I had a moment of madness and started looking at a Solo for way of...
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    Traveller always tight?

    Yes, when sailing with standard rig as am a little on the light side. I trade off a little sideways slippage against keeping the boat i) Upright and ii) Flat