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    Laser cockpit width?

    Folks, I'm wondering if this Laser spar carrier will fit my Capri 13. The front piece slides into the mast step, but I can't find any specified dimensions for the larger piece. Could someone please measure your Laser cockpit width near the stern, where this goes?
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    Wanted:  Catalina Capri 13 zipper luff sail and/or hardware

    I've learned that my Catalina/Capri 13 was available with both a sleeved sail (which I have) and a zipper luff sail with appropriate mast hardware (top cap sheave, cleat). I don't want to try to convert my sail and mast necessarily, so I'm starting to look around for parts to have an alternate...
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    New Sailor - Chicago Suburbs

    Hi! I'm in nearly the same situation, and in Chicago suburbs too! I picked up a Capri 13 for a really good price...less rigging, smaller size and weight. My wife grew up sailing Sunfish in Northern Michigan, and the engineer in me wants to play with the wind. My teenage son and I took a...