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    Elusive Minifish sail wanted

    Ahoy maties! I have a nice little Minifish with all the goods except the original sail that I would like to have. Shoot me a line if you have an original sail or know where I might find one (I do have new, North Sails that are perfect and work great--I just would like an original for vintage...
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    Free Minifish hull, parts for sale too

    Why did you ask if I need the rudder hardware..if its so scarce and Im so "unaware"....are you even selling it? What price are you asking for the dagger board and rudder?
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    3 Sunfish, 2 Minifish, tons of parts! Cape Cod

    Hi, I need Minifish parts: dagger board, rudder/tiller/hardware. do you have these? How much to ship to WI? Thanks!
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    Free Minifish hull, parts for sale too

    OK...what would you sell the rudder, dagger board and hardware for plus shipping to WI? Thanks for the quick response!
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    Free Minifish hull, parts for sale too

    Hi, I need a sail, dagger board and tiller/rudder for my minfish. I could use a sail too and rigging lines, hardware if decent shape. Would you sell those separately? I don't need the hull, just the parts...thanks!
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    First Sail of the 2017 Season

    Stache, I was referred to you to ask about a Minifish sail and mast/ you have a set or know someone who does? I have a Minifish with Sunfish mast/spar/ sail....I could go the route of sawing up the pipes, but wondered if you might know a source for the Minifish gear? Thanks...
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    Minifish: Can I use a regular Sunfish sail?

    Great idea..thanks..I'll check with Stache...seems Minifish gear is harder to come by... :-(
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    Minifish: Can I use a regular Sunfish sail?

    One additional question...if I can find the Minifish sail, can I use the Sunfish mast/spars? Or do you suggest I do what I can to find the proper Minifish replacements (mast/spars and a new sail)...thanks!
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    Minifish: Can I use a regular Sunfish sail?

    Hey Thanks Alan! Really appreciate the feedback! Another sailor said if I want to go on an 'thrill' ride when the wind kicks up than use the Sunfish sail..or I may capsize...who knows? Thanks again for the advice!
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    Minifish: Can I use a regular Sunfish sail?

    Hello all, I purchased by first sailboat..a Minifish...It came with sunfish mast/spar/boom but no sail..Question: can i use a regular Sunfish sail? Also, the hull looks pretty good given the age of boat, but I may I think I want the fiberglass touched up, new paint the very least a...
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    minifish sail on sunfish?

    Question: I have a minifish but it came with mast/spar/boom for sunfish. No sail came with boat. Can I use a regular Sunfish sail? Thanks for any and all replies!