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    Sunfish Tiki Bar

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    interlocking eye bolt

    all set. thanks!!
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    interlocking eye bolt

    hi - anyone know the size of the nut which holds the "interlocking eye bolt" that holds the spars together? we lost one. thanks!!
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    Photos: YOU & YOUR Sunfish, in water, under sail!/video/video.php?v=134333528744 not sure if that will work, but it was boyden lake, maine, last summer. the noise that sounds like a duck is the video camera strapped to the tiller rubbing on the deck. :)
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    Sunfish Restoration Project

    looks cool but won't all that black get awfully hot in july/august?
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    Capsizing isn't new....

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    Capsizing isn't new....

    or at the very least, a shirt! :)
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    Anyone out there?

    Last night I dreamed about my sunfish.
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    sanding marine-tex

    I have found that "shaving" it gradually with a sharp blade yields a smoother result than sanding, even with very fine sandpaper.
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    Problems with the Trailex SUT-200-S

    My trailer had 3 roundtrips from Boston to NJ and 1 roundtrip to Maine (it snapped on the first leg of my second roundtrip to Maine). So that is about 3000 miles total.
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    A photo

    Boyden Lake, Maine
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    Problems with the Trailex SUT-200-S

    On a recent trip to Maine, I also had the cradle snap on my trailex. Was lucky to not have too much damage to the bottom of my boat (a ding about the size of a quarter where the ragged metal rubbed against it). I would no longer recommend the trailer either, especially since they charged me...
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    Triple trailer

    thank you so much for posting those photos. i am planning to do something similar in order to transport my vanguard 15 and sunfish (and seitech dolly!) on the same trailer this summer.
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    Free Gill Boots

    The boots are gone!
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    Free Gill Boots

    i sent you a private message re: paypal...