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    New Guy

    fhfghfsghfsghfg I am glad that you like her. It was my pleasure to have built her more appealing than I have seen any other 14.2. I hope that you get may years of pleasure from her ! Please send me a pic when you get the full color sails up . If you get the desire, she would look even better...
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    Omega 14 Questions

    This is just a note to the guys with the Omega 14's who are looking for parts. I have an ad in the Classified section selling a complete Capri 14.2 (less the hull). I have sold many of the parts but I still have a centerboard, a boom, the jib travelers, and most of the hardware. You can send...
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    Wanted: Used Capri 14.2 Eastern Massachusetts

    I have one for sale on Craigslist in the NYC area, asking $3000 with an engine and a trailer.
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    DIY - Centerboard lift cam cleat -> ankle protectors

    Spinner, the fix is exactly as Don S has already provided to you. I believe those are the same photos I used when I originally modified my system years ago. if you want more pics of mine, send me a direct email to
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    DIY - Centerboard lift cam cleat -> ankle protectors

    there is a very popular upgrade called Mod III upgrade whereby they remove the 2 cam cleats on the bench seats and 2 turning blocks, and replace it with one cam cleat under the barney post. I have upgraded all of my Capri's with that mod and they work great.
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    Newbie with hiking strap ??

    I just posted an add for parts for a 14.2. I have the chrome hiking strap retainer plate that goes onto the inside of the transom. I also have a used Barney post with the 3 unpadded hiking straps still attached also for sale . You have two choices of mounting the straps to the Barney post ...