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    Delivery of Sunfish via Pickup Truck

    I wouldn't. In addition to stress on the hull, a moments inattention while going under a sign or wires or trees could be a disaster. I'd make an upright for the rear out of 2x4, and some pool noodles for padding, and padding on the roof, tie it down good.
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    front wheel for trailer

    replace your tongue jack with one from Harbor Freight I would also question unhitching your trailer at a boat ramp, with the trailer able to go downhill. I hope you have a solid plan to control and recover it.
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    Why do you own more than one sunfish

    I don't even have one Sunfish! But I do have a Super Porpoise, and it's likely to be an orphan. I'm still learning to sail, and its is fun to get out on the water and sail around. I do however have 5 bicycles....
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    Topping Lift

    Has anyone put a topping lift on their sail? From spar to spar or boom to lower spar. I've been playing with the idea, maybe to keep the lower from sagging. Just wanted to see if anybody else had the idea, and if it was ever done, and the result.
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    Sunfish VIN plate

    Reread the requirements for NJ boat registration, carefully. Where do you plan on sailing? I don't think I'll be able to get into RV or Spruce run this year.
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    Quick release binder bolt

    Those are Wheel quick release skewers, you would want to use a Seat post binder quick release. They are much shorter.
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    Almost died today

    PFD, goes on first, comes off last. The main thing is to not panic, and think through the problem. Which you seem to have handled well. Glad your ok. And kudos to the jet ski guy.
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    Sunfish Video from Ocean City MD

    The muffler clamp on the mast is pure genius! The hardest part of raising the sail is getting the ?$!#% gooseneck off the deck and the sail all the way up. This looks like it would make it much easier to get it up on the water if you have to, or if you take it down for a break on shore.
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    Launching Off a Dock in Medium to Heavy Air

    1- Sail raised, try to point into wind and dive on from the dock in a spazz move? That worked for me, in a spazztastic way! Landing at a dock in the same wind was, as a friend of mine say, 'dynamic'.
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    Rigging a Super Porpoise and getting parts

    Here are pics of my Super Porpoise rudder.
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    Rigging a Super Porpoise and getting parts

    Just so you know, the Super Porpoise doesn't have the spring on the rudder like a Sunfish. It just has a big lead weight at the bottom of the rudder to keep it in the water. It's free to swing up if it hits something, the weight will pull it back down. This also presents a problem when you...
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    Painting with Rustolium Topsides.

    I used that on a canoe and my Super Porpoise. I used a roller and brush. I found that it took 3-4 coats to get adequate coverage, and the are still some thin spots were you can see the primer. I did both over two coats of Topside Wood and fiberglass primer. I expected the canoe to get...
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    Theres not such thing as a free boat (scratch) free daggerboard

    If your using polyester resin, you'll want to get sand paper, or disks, that have a clog free coating. They will last much longer and make the sanding easier and quicker. Bondo is ok to use for filling cracks, it will not absorb moisture if it is primed and painted. I also use glazing compound...
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    Dagger board protection

    My local lake has a low water level, which mean that the shore is rockier than it should be at the boat ramp. It also means that my dagger board will get eaten by the rocks if I don't pull it up in time(which usually happens). I'd like to protect it, after I repair it, to keep this from...
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    Sunfish Hull Repair Help

    I had some hole in my Super Porpoise that I had to patch. The fiber glass patch look pretty similar to yours at that point. I took it further, after sanding it, I used some Bondo to make it smoother. It required a few thin layers and lots of sanding, but you can't see where most of the...