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    14.2 -- Beginner's boat?

    Hello. I am looking into purchasing a 14.2 as a learner boat for my friends and I for the summer. I have general sailing experience, but always with a more experienced sailor at the helm. Is the 14.2 a easy boat to learn the basics of sailing on? What are some of the drawbacks of it? Can I...
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    Used Sunfish - N. IL, S. WI, E. IA

    Looking for a Sunfish in good condition and ready to sail. Ideally with a trailer but not a hard line. Will be used on small lakes in the area. Can be contacted at
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    Super Porpoise versus Sunfish

    Hello, I am looking into purchase a Super Porpoise. I understand it is a close relative of the Sunfish, but I cannot seem to gather definitive information about the differences. Does anybody know? Also, has anybody sailed on one and can attest to how it handles in light wind/heavy wind? Thank you!