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    ID for laser lookalike

    Hi, I found an add for a sailboat the looks almost identical to a laser, I haven't gone to look at it in person yet, but in the picture the mainsail has an "S" encircled by about 3 or 4 arrows, does anyone know what this boat is?and if it would be a decent sailor? Thanks Neal
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    sailboat rental in Jamaica

    Hi, I'm planning a trip to Jamaica or some other nearby island. Does anyone know of any place that either has sunfish or lasers for rent in the area, or resorts that have them for use. I would love to find a place that would be close to have some fun while there. Thanks, Neal
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    small sailboat rental in the Jamaica or other

    Hi, Does anyone know of any or recommend any small sailboat rental places in Jamaica or other islands down that direction? I'm planning a week long vacation and havent nailed down a spot yet. Was hoping to find a place that I could rent a laser or sunfish for a little fun while I'm there. Thanks...
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    differences between laser and laser2

    Hi, I'm looking to purchase a laser. i havent sailed in years. the last boat i sailed was a 9' spoon nosed dinghy with a full main and small jib sail. I've decided that a laser looks like a really fun boat to sail and was wondering what the differneces between the laser and laser2 are. Can a...