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    1977 J24 parts available

    Are the Jib & Genoa leads - slides and blocks still available??
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    Wanted J/24 Trailer BC Canada

    West coast Canada Looking for a J/24 trailer to complete hull/deck work and for winter storage, doesn’t need to be pretty! I’m located on saltspring island near Vancouver British Columbia Canada. Cheers, Hull#1961 514-616-5644
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    J24 parts

    Could I get picks of the Rudder?
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    Looking for J24 Rudder

    PM sent British Columbia Canada V8K2G6
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    Looking for J24 Rudder

    I also have a 1979 vintage j24, hull#1961. Don’t plan on putting the boat in the water tell April.
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    Looking for J24 Rudder

    thanks for the reply, does it seem dry? My last one was a wet noodle haha. If you’re able to weight it I can figure out what condition the core is in also the cost to ship...... what’s it worth to you? I plan to use it for R2AK.
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    Looking for J24 Rudder

    In need of a rudder for hull #1961 Sparky, good condition, old or new style. I’m located in British Columbia Canada.