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    Mast Tape

    Thanks all! There are always some new thoughts. Actually, I asked the supplier and they told me it was a typo, carried over from Laser literature. The upper piece goes on at 9" above foot.
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    Mast Tape

    Got some 2" plastic mast tape that is supposed to protect the mast and step and to tighten the fit in the step. Instructions say to put the upper piece at 14" above the mast foot. However, this would put the upper tape above the deck by about 1/2", and, it seems to me, that it should be at deck...
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    70s rudder

    I like option 3 for the tiller-to-head attachment. Doing it. The carriage bolt is already upside down and and notch is worn round. . . . Whole thing's gonna rip out. I have a 1960s Europe Moth U-joint I could use here. Might this rig have other galvanized in it? Tiller bolts by the head are...
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    70s rudder

    Have rescued a 1970 'fish. It has modern rudder gudgeons, but the spring pin is operated from the bottom (upside down?). The tiller looks authentic in shape and material but the bolts over the blade are positioned such that the forward end always scrapes over the stern deck. . . It's worn a...
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    So... no new Sunfishes this season?

    It's a tough business to operate, to inventory, to maintain quality, and simultaneously, to make money commensurate with the effort. We are fortunate to have had Vanguard and LaserPerformance up to now. I hope our luck (and folks who love the classes) holds.
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    Drain plug

    Demon . . . Easy way to locate a leak . . . I'm really interested in easy ways to nail location of a mast step or daggerboard well leak . . . details? Cavi, any 'fish that's down to weight, is clean (esp. underwater), and has a modern rig should race pretty well.
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    Drain plug

    Thanks, all. I've learned a bit more about the interior of my 2004. . . Wish I'd known more before I hacked into the foam block behind the spray coaming with a sabre saw! In any case, the drain plug I'll probably install over the Winter will suit my logistical situation better than the forward...
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    Hobie tack - rudder direction

    Ditto Laserx. Pushing or pulling depends on which side of the boat you're on. TO TACK, STEER "UP" INTO THE WIND. TO JYBE, STEER "DOWN" AWAY FROM THE WIND.
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    Hobie/Holder Centerboard

    Does anyone know an easy way to replace the centerboard pennant. The boat has the 80s mod glass board and some kind of spring to raise it.
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    1971 Sunfish Repairs

    First , figure out where the water's getting in. Common places are the mast socket (see if water poured in there gets into the hull), the daggerboard well, or from condensate from humid air and a cool bottom. Try to tell whether the corner cracks go through or are just surface crazing. There are...
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    Problems getting on Forum?

    I've been having problems most of the time. Firefox usually can't find the server.
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    'Heaving to' in a Sunfish

    Love it!!
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    'Heaving to' in a Sunfish

    The thing about heaving to with 2 sails is that, between going a little downwind and a little upwind, you end up about the same place (Well, a little to leeward.). Minifish 2's technique works great for a minute or so (what you need for racing starts), but if you stop long enough to eat lunch...
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    Sunfish vs Imitation

    The Day Sailor I recall was pretty big. . . 16 - 17 ft., 600+ lbs and took crew of 2 or 3. It was pretty handy for its size, capable of planing, and very dry to sail (for a dinghy). I would guess you could single hand it, but it would be a handful to launch and retrieve.
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    sail repair tape

    Sail tape seems to work OK for a permanent repair if you stitch down the edges.