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    Advice on Sanding/Grinding out the Mast Step

    You might be able to rig something to spin an old bat with a drill, maybe screw a bolt/screw into the bat or other object, chop off the head, then you can fit that in the drill chuck to have a power sander might be able to find a dowel that size for cheap, try home depot in the trim and railing...
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    Auto bailer effect on speed

    I've had a boat without a bailer before, that boat was actually really fast so I'd say it's a negligible difference in hull speed the only problem is that sometimes you end up with more water in the cockpit, that does slow you down so it's best to kick it out with your back foot
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    Laser upwind Boatspeed?

    Footing most of the time, pointing is slow
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    Laser upwind Boatspeed?

    Lukas, there are a number of reasons why this can happen, aside from settings (Laser Sailing Racing Tips - Laser XD Sailing) have you checked your boat? Maybe you have some water or your boat has absorbed water over time? A heavier boat will definitely handicap you If your sail is getting...
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    Used Sailing Gear Hiking Pants, Jacket, PFD's

    I've got a few lightly used items up for sale, I will ship these out no problem just let me know 1. Zhik pfd - It's size medium by Zhik standards or Large in regular sizing, like new $60 2. SEA shorty hiking pants - Size Large still have plenty of life left in them - $50 3. West Marine...
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    Is a free boat worth it?

    for free it makes a good project boat, might be fun to modify it some more and/or restore it over the winter!
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    Mast tie down while cartopping

    Something like that belt tie down might work well, I could make you a velcro strap really easily that will work well and only take a second to strap, I should probably make one for me too! I just moved my boat and I'm still using the tie with misc ropes and hope they don't fall off method...
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    Greetings! And is marine epoxy an acceptable chip filler?

    for that Marine Tex (or generic version) is a good bet, it's cheap, you can mix up a small amount if you get the ratio close and the ambient temperature is high enough (too low and it won't cure) you can save the rest for future repairs, I've had the extra last for years until I ran out from...
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    Badly busted bow

    This video is pretty good, you might be able to do something similar Depends on how big the repair is, I would chip/sand away all the cracked parts and completely replace/reinforce that section of the boat the west system fillers are really great, you can make peanut butter consistency to fill...
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    Do I need a class legal sail?

    Agreed, The NOR will say if they're legal for the event, fleet captain is the person to ask, I've seen people use them in class regattas that specifically say they're not allowed and they didn't get protested, if you won that might be a different story though I wouldn't protest you because it's...
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    Restoring your cover...

    Does anyone have a good solution for prolonging the life of their cover? Specifically the polyester kind, on my laser I have a sunbrella cover and that thing is bulletproof! My v-15 cover on the other hand is a polyester cover which is quickly fading, Has anyone tried duplicolor or...
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    Eye on boom -> replace by fabric?

    wow, I didn't even think to check for this, good find! Pretty crazy since the goal is to make the booms exactly the same as the new factory ones!
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    Eye on boom -> replace by fabric?

    that's true too, it's kind of like playing one of those games where you try to get the golf ball on the tee (like this)
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    Eye on boom -> replace by fabric?

    Drill out the metal strap rivets, (I use a large drill bit, center it and drill the top till the heads come off, use a nail punch to pop them through) fill the holes with new rivets, drill a hole in the top and install the strap The old rivet bottoms will be inside the boom, you can live with...
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    22kts top speed and then sink to your death...

    Too good not to share, awesome description! We've owned the laser for 5 years. It has been covered in the winters with a tarp, but it is still a little dirty as you can see in the photos. It was last used 1 year ago in the sound of the outer banks, NC. It has a leak around the edges and it can...