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    Hull Number

    I have #4576, and looking at the boat you read from the port side (port to starboard).
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    Special Edition Lasers

    Where did you find this being listed?
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    New (to me) Laser 2: Batten help

    Hi there, Just bought my fourth laser 2 today, and realized that the battens are missing. Any idea where I could find some? I know the laser 3000 and the laser 2 share similar parts, would laser 3000 battens fit my laser 2 sail? I'll attach some pictures of the boat, it is a 1988 model year.
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    Laser 2 Swivel Base Mounting

    I have not replaced one of those specifically, but I would recommend that you try pulling on it to see if it will slide out since it seems as if you may have stripped the holes that the screws were in. Potentially, there could be bolts on the inside I have seen when there is a porthole nearby...
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    Anyone with the Right On trailer?

    If you get a cockpit holder for the spars, all three will fit in above the deck. From there you can strap the boat down to the trailer along with the poles without them rubbing on the deck.
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    Special Edition Lasers

    Makes sense, didn't come with black spars and it was indeed a ZID (Laser International) that was produced in Canada. Thank you for clearing that up!
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    Rare Laser Sail?

    This makes much more sense, I also have a standard mardi gras sail and both a polar radial and polar laser 2, I just have seen those more often and the Horizon was unknown to me. Thanks for the help!
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    Special Edition Lasers

    I used to own a black 1987 laser. Was this what the "black magic" laser was? (I added the red stripe to it, that did not come with it)
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    Rare Laser Sail?

    I have this laser full rig sail that is a pattern I have not seen before. I was curious to know if there was any significance behind it. I do not have the boat it came from, but I have the sail and the numbers on it. Any info?
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    My Laser II Sank - Rebuild Video

    I did roughly the same on a standard laser, but this was awesome to see someone else take the endeavor and give that laser a new life!
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    Laser 2 Parts-Help!

    I might be interested in looking into this for future reference, where would I find the McMaster Carr?
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    Laser 2 Parts-Help!

    Thank you so much for the links, just ordered what I needed!
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    Old Laser Hull 823 pics

    I have what I believe is a 1973 Laser in navy blue. The hull has the same spacers on the top gudgeon and surprised me since I thought that the stern was perfectly level and would not require such things. The number under the bow hook of mine is #4,007.
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    1983 Laser Rainbow deck

    Hi, I have been searching for a wildfire or quicksilver laser for years, and never have seen an actual picture of one until I saw the image you attached. Do you own this boat or know who does?
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    Laser Mast Tube Repair

    I am unsure if there is an actual inspection hatch on a laser for the mast step, I don't believe there is but I may be mistaken. Possibly you are referencing a porthole, but you would have to install one yourself if there is not one already.