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    Line Upgrades

    go to and check it out they have a whole section on laser stuff
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    the trailor that i am using to toat my laser around on tends to get some air when it hits bumps in the road. I was wondering which would be the better way to travel. with the laser resting on the bunks like normal or would it be better to have the boat flipped over and sitting on a box like...
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    laser ACC's

    This will be my first year going to ACC's and was wondering if there is usually a good turnout of radial sailors.
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    wanted, carbon tiller and or extension

    looking for a carbon tiller and or a tiller extenion
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    CARBON Tiller

    could u post some pictures
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    New To Norfolk (Virginia that is)

    i sail over at hampton yacht club which is just around the bend and there are a couple other people that sail lasers also.
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    water splashing

    in the back were the daggerboard goes in, water occasionaly splashes in decent wind and waves. Is this normal or is there a way to stop this.
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    i was wondering if any of you guys wee planning on try for the smyth event around Area C.
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    laser dolly

    i am looking for a laser dolly for sale on the east coast. old or new
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    Most spectacular capsize?!

    Re: Most spectacular capsise?! i was out sailing my laser the other day. there was only like 5 knots of wind and this monster boat came by. its wake was around five ft. as the wake got closer it was on the verge of breaking because it was simi shalow were i was sailing. the wake picked me...
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    outhaul,cunningham tensions

    i was wondering if anybody had any pictures of were people put markings on their booms and masts to be able to use these as a guide to making adjustments to the cunningham and outhaul.
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    Top Cover Special

    do you still have it for sale
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    radial sail

    hey i looking to purchase a new radial sail for racing and was wondering what is the best sail out on the market without price in mind.
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    laser or laser radial

    Hi i was wondering wether i should sail radails or the full rig for the summer. last summer i sailed a full rig and did pretty good. i just got a laser and was wondering which do you guys think i would be more competetive in. im 5ft 9in and weight around 150. im also in the process of...