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    Updated Laser Analog Compass

    The update took off the price- it has been reduced to 200
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    WTB Tiller and possibly Rudder

    Are you looking for carbon or he aluminum ones, I have almost all of the above email laser166131 at gmail dot com
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    Full Rig MKI sails

    Are they radial or full rig?
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    Re-Gelcoating entire deck

    If you take a couple of tries you should be able to get it close enough- I nailed the color on my 1999 yellow strip after 4 tries
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    Sails, Rigging, Tillers, Blades, Dolly

    I would be interested in the tillers and the Zhik hiking strap email me at laser166131 at
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    Mainsheet recommendations

    I have the second one from the top
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    Mainsheet recommendations

    I have a ronstan block. It definitely wears on the main sheet more than normal. I after I end for end it might last a little longer.
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    Mainsheet recommendations

    I absolutely love the my yellow rooster main sheet. I do have to replace it almost every couple of months, then again I do sail almost 4 days a week.
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    Updated  Laser Analog Compass

    ComNav 103r racing compass with bracket for laser. Just the compass part is $239 new and the bracket is about $40 dollars new. The compass is in great shape and has only been used a few times. Email me at laser166131 at for pictures.
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    Recommended Sealant for Deck Fittings?

    Not sure if it is available in the UK but I use Life caulk
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    Laser boom vang wanted

    I have a holt Vang for sale- very similar to the Harken
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    Tiller extension and Rudde Blade for Sale

    Rudder Blade for sale old style (foam)- has a dinge on the corner- $85 Acme Fatso Tiller 47 inches good condition-$100 Email me at laser166131 at for more info can ship them
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    Laser Top Sections and other Spars For Sale

    End for Ended Aus Upper-$150 (3 of these) near new not bent brit top-$175 Used Brit top-$150 End for ended old top-$75 Old upper might break-$50 Boom with no fittings-$50 Used Radial Lower-$100 Can pick up any of the spars from me email me at laser166131 at I can send pictures if you...
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    difficulty in spotting approaching gusts

    It is hard to make out in the cloudy over cast conditions and also keep in mind that you are only seeing a fraction of what you could see if you were looking up course
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    Which is your favorite sunset and where?

    Coming over the Skyway Bridge on the way to Laser Midwinters East in Clearwater Fl