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    Tiller separation

    Just put the rudder in the boat. And tap it with a plastic hammer.
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    Trailering laser on dolly on trailer

    If you have a seitech dolly it should have these little tab things that flip up and go under the rails. If it doesn’t have them you can buy them.
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    Trailering laser on dolly on trailer

    I don't think it will make a difference where on the trolly hold the load. The breaking point are the plastic fittings. Just ensure the boat is supported on the rails by the trolly, not the strap.
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    Dog Bones - Are they class legal

    Pretty much, I have my name on the first carbon lower sent into the states. So I’ll get back to you once we get a little testing.
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    Dog Bones - Are they class legal

    Because the stiffer cut down full rig lowers don't have the right bend characterics and frankly suck in light air. And are illegal.
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    Dog Bones - Are they class legal

    According to some buddies at PSA, the carbon lower should get the states by late March.
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    Dog Bones - Are they class legal

    With the new "carbon" top sections, which are much stiffer, the radial lowers just seem to go. I also sail 3, days a week all winter and more during the summer.
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    Dog Bones - Are they class legal

    You do it your way, if it gives you peace of mind then it works!
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    Dog Bones - Are they class legal

    I agree, I go through radial lower sections like there is no tomorrow. I have my vang and cunnigham rigged the coventional way. 4 lower section broken in the last year and only one went at the vang tang. All the other went at the deck.
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    Laser Repairing

    I think by not once he means he has does the test several times.
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    Improve old boat or upgrade?

    I don't know about any apps designed for a sailing application, but something like strava would be able to give you tracking data.
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    FLORIDA Tons of laser stuff

    This and much more stuff, if you need something send me an email and I probably have it. I am willing to ship the small stuff, but would rather pick up from me in ft lauderdale or I will deliver in the greater south Florida area. $25 sea vane wind indicators complete $100-$250 Full rig lower...
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    Buyer’s guide??

    The age of the boat doesn't matter if it is newer than the late 90s. What matter is how much the boat has been sailed and how it has been stored. If you are looking for a good deal I would look for a mid 2000s vanguard or (17*****,18*****,19*****) sail number if you are in North America.
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    FLORIDA Looking for a Vanguard hull

    Looking for a vanguard hull that is between 2000-2011. I am looking for a practice boat that I would not feel bad beating on. If have a nice 2015 LP boat that I am using for practice at the moment but I don't want to put very much for miles just for practice. I would be willing to pay about...
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    How do you fix a soft hull?

    I would repeat my previous idea, put in an inspection port and then you can find out where there is something structarly at fault with the boat. The ribs that run on each side of the cockpit on the underside of the hull can break. As can the central rib that runs down the center of the hull. It...