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    Could you post any picture of the bottom of the hull.
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    LP no longer an approved builder-- why?

    A lot of the load on the boats depends on the size and strength of the sailor. A smaller radial sailor abuses the hull a massive amount less than a big strong full rig sailor. Many of the top US full rig sailors buy a new LP boat each year because how quickly they wear them out. A large amount...
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    LP no longer an approved builder-- why?

    As far as the soft boats are concerned it is a known fact the build quality of the LP lasers ARE worse. A 1 year old LP often has spider cracks in the hull while many 10 year vanguards don’t. That is why most of the Olympic sailors source themselves a PSA boat because they last longer, are...
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    LP no longer an approved builder-- why?

    I believe that there may be more going on with LP than we think. I met a chinese sailor who said that he lived close by a factory in China that was building laser performance boats. May be possible that the LP boats aren't even built in the UK.
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    WANTED: Laser Rigging Components

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    Starting: shooting up to defend hole

    In any major regatta with good judges you are likely to be flagged for sculling below close hauled. It does happen but you could just as easily let the person in and build a new hole by backing up or making an up move. The good junior can make a 1 or 1.5 BL hole in a good back up and one up...
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    Starting: shooting up to defend hole

    The good guys in the junior radial fleet have become very good at these moves. Even pulling up the board and backwinding the sail for a moment to make the boat sail from left to right on the line. If done properly it can turn a bad hole into a workable one, if done bad you flip. But.... It is...
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    2014 UK built Laser, race ready

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    Sails, Rigging, Tillers, Blades, Dolly

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    Interesting reading about a composite lower mast for the Radial

    I don't know if this has anything to with the new composite top but I have broken 3 lowers in the last year. One of them was kinda old but one was only about 7 months old. I wash out my section after every sail and keep it under a cover, but I also sail in breeze 3 days a week from November to...
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    Laser Value Question

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    Full laser 1 rudder, new england area

    I have a laser tiller, tiller extension, and a rudder blade. The only thing missing from the assembly is the rudder head.
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    Life Vest Recommendations

    Coast Guard approved
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    Carbon tiller & extension

    I have a carbon tiller for sale, for 100 dollars. Email me at laser166131 at gmail dot com