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    Zhik superwarm

    The skiff suit has no arms and would either need a dry top or a super warm top to keep you warm but in medium temp you can wear a thin shirt with it and not over heat. The steamer is like a full wetsuit, it will keep you warmer in the winter but you will over heat once it gets warm. I personally...
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    Hiking under the grab rail when roll tacking?

    I am 6ft 2 and when I tack I put my back for into the far left or far right (far left from port to starboard and far right from starboard to port) corner of the cockpit (under the rail) this is what gives me the leverage to roll the boat on top of myself. But not an option if you don't wear...
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    Laser top covers for sale

    yes both are email me at laser166131 at
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    Performing a 360 penalty

    In breeze when you have vang on you want tack first then let the vang off and gybe. It doesn't matter that much in light air but you won't be able to bear away with your vang on in breeze.
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    Performing a 360 penalty

    If you receive the penalty going upwind then you tack first because your sail it set up for that. If you have to spin will reaching or going downwind you gybe first.
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    FLORIDA Mk I full rig sail

    Full rig sail for sale Mk1 design- well used good for club racing though no sail numbers ready for you to put your ones on- $150 Email for photos
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    FLORIDA Holt Vang for sale

    Holt Vang for sale – set up with all lines and in great shape- ready to race – $200 Email for pictures
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    FLORIDA Laser top covers for sale

    SEA laser top cover in good shape no holes- $100 Kingston laser worlds 2015 top cover good shape- $150 Email for pictures
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    FLORIDA Laser Analog compass for sale

    ComNav racing compass with bracket in great condition- $200 For pictures
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    FLORIDA Tons of Laser Stuff

    Laser rudder- in good condition foam core one rust mark bindings-$125 Aluminum tiller extension with foam grip- $40 Aluminum tiller extension with no universal- $30 Aluminum tiller black with clam cleat-$70 Aluminum tiller grey with clam cleat-$70 Seitech yellow hiking strap-$25 Win Design...
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    Sailing with new Composite top section

    Your comment about good starts is definitely true. On the point of light air with the carbon mast I would just say that more is better as far as the Vang is concerned(to an extent) The reason why the guys at the front were eased that 8-10 inches and had more vang on is because it loads up the...
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    Sailing with new Composite top section

    I don’t have link to anything but I have had a composite upper for about a year now. I am a junior laser sailor out ft Lauderdale and have a lot experience with it in a radial. Overall the main differences between the composite and aluminum is 1-The composite bends evenly meaning the top of the...
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    Repair advice - chips near cockpit drain

    I have had a similar thing happen on one of my lasers I just put a bit of expoxy in there and it has been fine