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    Laser dolly

    i have my laser on a trailer but don't have a dolly for it, I'd like to make something small and neat that will fit in the back of the car in order to move the boat from car park down the slip into the sea Any sugestions?
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    Trailer/Trolly combi

    I currently transport my laser on a good quality indespension galvanised trailer but would prefer to have a trailer trolly combo. Can someone with such take a pic of how the trolly secures to the trailer and post it plzzzzzzz I'm planning on buying a trolly and adapting my trailer.
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    Transporting laser

    i have my laser 1 on a trailer but I don't have a combi trailer so I carry the original plastic trolly on top, I also hold the spars on a spar holder (fits into cockpit and mast step) Carrying these items on top seems to be causing slight damage to the gelcoat, it's rubbing off where the spar...
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    New (to me) Laser

    Thanks a mill, looks like I need the rubber/plastic stopper thingy.
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    New (to me) Laser

    Here it is with her 4.7 sail.
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    New (to me) Laser

    Hi guys, I'm new to laser sailing so I have a couple of questions I hope you can answer. My new (to me) boat is a mid nineties laser full rig in superb condition. The centreboard needs some tiny filling but that's pretty much it. My first question is on the centreboard. It has two holes in the...