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    What sail size should I get?

    yes i agree the radial is imence when it comes to heavey winds. i also keep a standard for the light days.
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    What sail size should I get?

    Go with radial i used standard but when i got radial it was much more controlable especially out on open water.
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    hiking pants

    i use musto junior range with powerpads these are imence!
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    GBR on laser radial sail.

    Hi i own a laser radial sail that has the letters GBr on it. does this effect anything in racing?. i have just started open events and going up to highr class. thanks Josh.
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    Laser sail rules.

    hi i was hoping somebody could help me out. i have a laser 1 radial sail with GBR stickers on it. are the GBR stickers allowed in laser racing and rules?. thanks Josh
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    Vinalage and stickers.

    hi what stickers or vinals can you put onto your hull? in after a few and dont know if im allowed . thanks Josh.
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    Outhaul 8:1 diagram ?

    does anyone know how much i could get a cheap hull cover for in the uk?.
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    Radial sail and mast wanted.

    I am looking for a laser 1 radial sail and mast section for sale as i have the standard sail but i cannot controll in bad waether.:):)
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    Advice on rigging XD Cunningham

    what sort of rope or string is used on the xd cunningham traveller line?.
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    Rigging help

    thankyou i am going to go with the rooster strap it looks well good in my boat.
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    Advice on rigging XD Cunningham

    thankyou for these pics i found them easy to understand .
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    hull covers

    were could i buy a cheap laser undercover i the uk.
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    Rigging help

    Is there differance between the laser 1 rooster sailing toe strap or lasrs own xd strap.