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    Best way to put on sail numbers?

    I've ballsed up my most recent numbers - are air bubbles going to slow me down?
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    Mark II Summary

    yeah I agree with you both though I've not been using it long. It's very messy in the light winds, I just can't get it going at all. I'm actually going to switch back to the mark I as I think it is the better all round sail!
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    New sail: Mark 2 or 1?

    Hi everyone, I need to get a new sail in the near future and am keen to know what people's opinions are of the new standard sail over the old cut. is there a performance difference in light winds, heavy winds etc.? I have heard it is faster in the breeze but slower in light winds. Any...
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    Olympic Lasers

    Hi, Does anyone know where the Rio lasers will be going? Will nay be coming over to Europe for sale?
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    Mark II Standard Sail

    hello? anyone?
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    Mark II Standard Sail

    So what are the latest thoughts on this? If you were going upwind for a few miles in exactly the same conditions with a sailor of exactly the same quality would a new mark 2 or a new original sail pop out in front? Similarly, what would be the case downwind. The word I have heard is that the...
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    Hi! I dislodged my knee cap back in august and it is too painful to sail with (post physio treatment). Has anyone had a similar issue? It's at it's worst downwind when the knee is bent. Does anyone have any straps or braces they would recommend that help? Cheers
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    Gudgeon placement

    how regularly should you replace your gudgeons and why?? someone told me every year!!
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    hiking bench

    anyone? anyone at all?
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    hiking bench

    Has anyone used one of these? Any thoughts? (the laser one)
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    fitness and laser sailing

    Interesting. I always cycle and do a bit on the rowing machine. Probs cycle for 1 hour twice a week and row for 2000m and do some weights too
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    new centre plate

    Hi all, I have seen that there is a new centre plate on the laser performance website with GRP slogan on. Has anyone got this plate. I am considering buying a new one and just wondering if this is any better/worse. thanks
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    Rooster Hikers

    as much as i like rooster i have to say the quality of the classics is now pretty poor. as i can't see beyond the classics i have now bought 3 pairs over 2 seasons!! riiight mug i know but i have rooster blinkers. it's now got to the point where i'm wearing something under the hikers through...
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    hitting a wall

    thanks for the tips!! i also thought doing a few more opens to throw myself out of the comfort zone would help and it has really rekindled my zest to be at the top of the fleet!!
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    hitting a wall

    Hi All, I race regularly but for the last year I really doubt I have made any improvement at all which is frustrating me more and more. has anybody else ever hit a point like this and if so what did you do/what should i do to get over it???? Thanks