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    Is this normal???

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    New Harken Laser Traveler Blocks

    I would just like 2 get the traveler blocks and not the boom blocks. i see no need to replace mine but i would like 2 replace that stupid s-hook blocks.I wonder if they did enough testing on that before they put it in production.
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    Is there really a perfect block out there?

    im looking and looking for a better block than the stock one, the stock one is okay but the ranstan ones look really nice and i was wondering which ones are the best for a laser and that'll look cool
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    who wants laser t-shirts?

    i understand i just wondered what my legal terms were of what i can and cant am i correct at this?i am not allowed 2 show the laser trademark or the boat
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    Check the video

    what did u do after youre mast broke?id be so pissed off
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    Anna has changed her gear

    even though id love 2 talk about the hot zhik model but i do believe that anna was wearing zhik hikers with her magic marine gear, but im not 100% positive.i just checked the zhik site and she is a team member.
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    who wants laser t-shirts?

    oh so u dont think if i asked ilca they would let me put the boat or the insignia on there?
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    who wants laser t-shirts?

    I know laser has strict rules but i think as a way of expressing our love of laser sailing, we should be able to make t-shirts with some sayings like '' I LOVE MY LASER '' or other sayings. Any ideas on how we could do that? The shirts would be able to be sold at district nationals or even local...
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    Which new laser sail?

    im thinking of getting a 4.7 practice sail so i dont ruin my race sail,the intensity sail looks good for practicing but im wondering when im in a regatta, will the laser class approved sail feel different than the practice?and will this hurt me in a race?:confused:
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    New Sailor Gybing and Tacking help.

    when i gybe in a bit heavier winds (15 +) i always find my self flipping,ive only sailied my laser about ten times and i currently sail optimists,whats the best way 2 gybe effieciently but safely so im not flipping