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    Mooring a Laser 2

    That would depend on a lot of factors, but if you do this loop the line through the bow eye before tying it to something. That way the load is carried by the mast but the bow will be pointed into the wind.
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    Holt Vang vs. XD

    Not sure what you mean by "what is the handle on the XD?" Most sailors I know just tie a loop handle, or some other knots at the end of the line to make gripping it easier.
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    Rule change vote

    In response to my initial post LaLi laid out a clear case in favor of a YES vote. Others agreed but then the thread devolved into a number of accusations and rumors and charges of misinformation. So can someone state clearly the case for a NO vote? Today is the last day to vote and I would...
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    Rule change vote

    Thank you for that cogent and straightforward summary. Unless someone pipes in with contrary information I will be voting YES in the next day or so.
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    Rule change vote

    I am a regular Laser sailor although I mostly sail in a local club instead of large class events. But I support the class, always use only class legal equipment, and want to see the class stay strong and vibrant. I don't care much about whether it stays an Olympic class, and I understand the...
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    Best way to leave a Laser at a dock?

    Do you raise the board and rudder when it is tied to the pier? If you do that and remove the sheet from the boom blocks you should be OK. I leave the vang on when I do that.
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    Laser road trailer - What's the perfect setup?

    Yes, that can be done. Put it on upside down and secure it. Since it comes apart so easily (Seitech dolly) I just break the dolly down and put it in my vehicle.
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    Laser road trailer - What's the perfect setup?

    This is all good advice. I have had two Kitty Hawks made specific for the Laser. The one I have now is the stainless steel model. It has held up very well and trails long distances easily. It properly supports the boat. I have seen others put a second Laser upside down on top of the first...
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    Roof racking or trailering... Vote for which you like best?

    I agree with this completely. I have had two Kitty Hawk trailers and they work very well. It is easy to get the boat on and off and the boat is well protected for the road. I always use a bottom cover, and a top cover if going any significant distance.
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    Laser on Harken Hoister

    It should be. The straps should go under the deck at about the mast step in front and the rear of the cockpit in the back.
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    Laser on Harken Hoister

    Not if you store it upside down, with the deck down.
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    wind vane for club boats? or advice for sensing wind?

    Try the C-Vane wind indicator. It is easy to attach and remove, and works very well. See link. C-Vane Wind Indicator - Laser & Opti
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    Downwind Practice turns

    Thanks for your response Eyeper. I did not see you yank or even touch the sheet in the video. What part of the sheet do you grab or yank?
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    Downwind Practice turns

    I have a couple of questions about gybing technique. In the video it appears that Eyeper simply bears away, shifts his body, then ducks as the boom comes across. When I am sailing downwind it never seems that simple. First, I have to bear away quite a bit before the boom wants to come across...