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    racing watches

    Yeah. I put the big ronstan clear start on my mast but i still have my timex/ironman on my wrist just incase.
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    Show off YOUR Laser!

    A pic from the Bahamian Laser Junior Nationals 2010!
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    Hiking Shorts for Women

    Hey, I know Zhik makes good hikers and they have a womans cut. Expensive though.
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    laser boom

    Is it possible to take the sleeve out of my old boom?
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    laser boom

    I am making a new laser boom out of my old laser top section, What do i need to do, are there any parts IN the laser boom to make it stronger? chris
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    Lasers for sale

    hey, do you still have any booms? also any daggerboards? could you please send photos. thanks
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    hey, how do i know when to buy a new boom. My rivets have come out on both of the blocks, so i had to re rivet them in in different places. Also my fairlead is coming up. and the boom seem corroded, i am about to start training for the winter. What do you think i should do?
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    Big Question

    WHY was shatty007 banned... because he was 'opinionated'? at least he would give good advice, and sensible advice. Even if he wrote about lifting weights a lot, he was trying to help others out on the forum, and not just be some stick in the sand like SOME of the other users.... He made...
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    Show off YOUR Laser!

    Keep Shatty on the forum, he actually gives good advice.
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    Greatest Sailing Quotes of all Time...

    go search the forum, im sure there are some :P
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    Show off YOUR Laser!

    my laser radial...
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    Outhaul and cunningham setup

    Shatty, Nice photos, im gunna change mines to that setup after sunfish worlds.
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    Outhaul and cunningham setup

    Yo, I was trying top figure out which side to put my outhaul. Also how to rig my Cunningham differently without all of the purchases.
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    Good Sailing Colleges

    When winter comes were does RWU sail, in the cold bay? I think i will end up going to USF or Eckerd... does anyone have any experience with these two colleges.. Sailed against them?
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    Holt vs Harken

    I have the harken setup, but i really dont think that it will make much difference at all.