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    Wanted: Laser from Ontario, Canada, Buffalo area or Sarisota FL

    I have a 1993 in good condition, in Waterloo, ontario (about a 1.5 or less hour drive from Toronto) $4500 (see ad in items for sale)
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    $4500 --- 1993 laser radial and full rig

    I have a 1993 Laser Radial AND Full rig and I'm the 3rd owner. The hull is Navy Blue and White and is in good condition. No major fibreglass or dammages done to hull. It comes with plenty of items: -One full Radial mast (top and bottom section) -One full Full rig mast (top and bottom...
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    Which rig?

    alrighty boys(and girls) im 17, weigh 135 and i am 5'5"tall(and female for that matter)...and i sail a radial. To pretty sure you can move up to a radial. Plus its more fun...can go faster.;) go for the'll love it!
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    Tacking with the longest tiller extension

    when i got my laser it came with a carbon fibre tiller extention that was waay too long. I contiplated cutting the extention off at the end to make it shorter, but then after sailing longer i got use to the length. The trick i think is that when you tack push the tiller across and then just...
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    '06 Colors

    send me one too!! colleen_watt @
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    how much would you pay?

    yeah i'll be there, why wouldnt i? I'll let you look at both of them and you can take the better of the two because i might just end up selling the rig to the club for the green laser, so. see yah wednesday.
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    how much would you pay?

    eric, if you want one of my full rig sails i will sell one to you, all you gotta do is ask....and its yours.
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    how much would you pay?

    Alright, im wondering what you guys would pay for a laser/radial. My boat has both full and radial, there is two full rig practice sails and a mast(top and bottom). There is also a brand new radial sail and mast(new this year, only used maybe 4 times). It also has a magic marine dolly and top...
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    batten pocket

    hey, i just recently got my cap stuck in the pocket as well..something i did was i stuck the batton in again to put the cap on the end then as you are pulling out the batton with the cap on the twist the batton. it works..not sure if it will work in your situation but its worth a try...
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    Centerboard Shock Cord

    hey, does anyone have a picture of this bungee cord under the bow thing? I find i need something to keep the bungee away from my cunningham cleat. Thanks
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    Best Life Jacket?

    hey Steven, Where is there a Binnacle in canada? or is it just a US store? I dont mind having to order things if its cheaper. Saves me a trip to Toronto to Fogh Marine.(which i have gone there 4 times in one week at an 1 1/2 hours away)
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    Best Life Jacket?

    i would have to put in my two cents on just about any SALUS lifejacket. It is a one man company, located in Kitchener on Duke Street. There is the website to look at the different kinds. I wear the Kiwi, but the most popular is the Abacus. They are both comfortable. The abacus has a side zipper...
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    Laser hull only in Ontario

    hey eric, i know you aren't coming back to the camp, but is andrea? you should have gotten andrea to be an LIT. I think this summer we only have 1(graham B). anyways, have fun flying this summer instead of sailing :mad:
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    Laser hull only in Ontario

    since you live in kitchener, why dont you take a drive up to Conestoga Lake. There is a sailing club up there. There are some boats up there(including mine) there is also a laser hull that the sailing camp has that they never use that they might be willing to sell. The bottom looks decent...
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    Radial Sail (North Mark IV) & and lower mast section $450 for both

    hey, where are you located? Is the price in CAN or US? I am very interested in buying a radial sail and bottom section. I am not near heavy enough(135lbs) for a full rig, and sailing season is starting soon. Thanks.