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    Shoulder injuries

    Apparently holding your elbows out in front/too high while sailing the laser can damage your shoulders as well as your grip because it pulls your scapulla out of place
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    C-Vane disapointing

    I recently bought a C-Vane wind indicator for my laser to try it out because poeple had been raving about how good they were. Imagine my disapointment when, last week - after 3 weeks racing in light airs - the blade was brushed against by my painter and snapped! :mad: What really annoys me is it...
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    What's your Laser called?

    my current boat is "Salome' " (another biblical reference) after the temptress who had her suitor cut off John the Baptists head and serve it to her on a silver platter
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    Zhik products

    Can you get Zhik gear in the UK?
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    cost of a laser

    naaaah that involves spending money...i've got a perfectly good rag of a thing for club racing and training and a few shiny new(ish) ones for nationals
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    age dilema???

    in this case wouldn't it be easier to say the ILCA define a junior as anyone born in 1991 to present day (i.e under 16)
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    cost of a laser

    thats like £505 in the UK, over here a laser sail costs £420 ($840) and some people seem to replace them every other regatta
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    cost of a laser

    laser sails are made for like £2.50 (i think thats about $5) abroad now so really the price hike is ridiculous
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    Laser 4.7 World Championships 07

    Sounds like it's going to be awesome; now all i need is the money to get there : (
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    Boots or Bare feet

    I only wear boots in the winter when it's freezing and when i'm away at events where we have to conform to club kit rules.
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    An instructional capsize recovery clip

    sureley if you were that good you wouldn't have got to that situation in the first place; you'd know how to move in the boat and to push your tiller away and pull in the sail and use the roll to turn onto the lee where the boat dosen't roll so much or is it just a case of pushing it too hard?
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    Boat Names

    in reference to the laser most people over here that i speak to seem to use "vang" now because thats what the new control lines are called in the price lists
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    Hello, the beginning of my brilliant career

    i read this in laser sailor before i read it here and it certianly made me laugh well done skipper
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    Boat Names

    my boat at the moment is called "Salome Nevara" after the biblical temptress who had her lover cut of john the batists head and serve it to her on a silver platter and the "nevara" bit is laser in elvish, my last boat was "Serkel Nevara" with Serkel being both elvish for blood star (the boat was...
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    Capsize: not on the centerboard

    prevension is better than cure. sail to the lee instead of dead downwind. next time it starts deathrolling pull in the sail in, tiller towards you and use the roll to facilitate a turn off the wind do this until the boat flattens off (which i think was what dperason was trying to get at)