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    Looking to put a fair price on an older Laser

    If the hull is terminal then just look for a bare hull and swap the bits over, usually plenty of those around.
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    Can I get a metal engineer to make me a dolly?

    Easy design to copy, just ask a local trailer builder to make you one.
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    Laser repair question

    I have seen lots of lasers with these hull deformations but none so far where it has caused a problem. Fibreglass is surprisingly flexible if pressure is applied over time in a warm environment, unless there is any cracking ignore it. they may even disappear once you have a better trolley for a...
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    Foiling thoughts

    There is a new Italian rowing boat class using laser hulls, even a ripped out mast step would still work for that.
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    Foiling thoughts

    Hull number?
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    Hole in hull under mast step

    Looks like it has worn through the mast tube, putty glue and the whole of the mast step, repair is better done with epoxy resin if you can get it. It is really important to get the area dry as well because that hull is going to have a bucket full of water inside despite your best effort to drain...
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    Laser Cockpit Autobailer "Not class legal for racing" . . . What?

    Logically with over 200,000 lasers built how many of the surviving hulls are ever likely to sail in an "official" event? I suspect the answer is a very small proportion therefore the market for budget price replica kit must be considerably larger than for the premium priced class legal gear.
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    Vintage Full Rig Laser - SOLD APRIL 26.

    One like that just sold locally for £150, pale green colour though. I had one of those centreboards once, you could have beaten an elephant up with it.
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    Laser Road Base UK

    Or a dumb arse, just trying to help.:confused:
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    Laser Road Base UK

    Who knows what answer you will get it is called advice for a reason.
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    Laser Road Base UK

    Facebook dinghy and boat advice group.
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    “Practice” sails, blades etc.

    In the UK replica parts are accepted at many clubs now.
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    “Practice” sails, blades etc.

    Cash terms about 50%
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    Water in my Laser Hull

    Needs an inspection hatch near the mast step.
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    Another mast step repair thread :)

    One other thing that just came to mind, nothing wears out a laser mast step faster than getting sand in it! Steve