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    Painting laser non skid

    Painting laser non skid
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    Painting Laser Deck and Hull

    If you are going to paint the deck I would use a roller. (choose a coarse roller) If you dont like the idea of that, some people roll on a coat or two and sprinkle sugar over the top of the paint and then when its dry they wash it down with warm soapy water (to dissolve the sugar grains). The...
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    making a Super Sunfish rig

    what if you brought a laser full rig or a rooster 8.1 rig?
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    1974 Laser - just purchased questions on deck paint restore

    Did you brush, spray or roll the hull paint on? Looks fantastic! Could you please post a close up pic of the non skid?
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    Boat Names

    I would call it "INTO THE VOID". :cool:
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    painting laser non skid deck?

    Hey, I have recently got a old laser and it needs a bit of work. I was wondering if anyone knew how to paint non skid decking on a laser without making it slippery. Should I spray it or roll it on? I have being reading other threads about non skid decking and none of them have covered this...