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    Other boats owned..

    Hey, what number 125's do you have? Also, (dumb question and all I know) but where is Tinnaroo? Do you race them? I sail 125 number 3157 ('Oddly Enough') in Queensland. I don't actually own any boats right now. I sold my laser 2 (which was sad, it was a great boat but I wanted to race and...
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    differences between laser and laser2

    A laser 2 doesn't go that well without a jib. If you are single-handing I recommend that you still leave the jib on otherwise you might have some difficulty handling the boat. For a start, a laser 2 hull is bigger than a laser hull. There is no option for a laser to be 'upgraded' into a...
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    The perfect start

    Well, my starts always suck and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I will try what tammi5256 does next time and see if it works. I've read that many books telling you how to start well and they all say that you must get yourself a hole to leeward and defend it. But they never tell you how...
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    Ban Coach / Nannie Boats?? Already Illegal?

    The thing that annoys me most about coach boats is when they stuff up other people's races and then have the hide to abuse them. I often sail at multi-class regattas in a different class of boat to lasers. However, there are always lasers competing. At least one of these regattas is a fairly...
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    How to Rig a Laser 2

    Someone sent me this (see attachment) when I first got my Laser 2. It was extremely useful! Hope you enjoy the boat! :)
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    Wind Shift Issues

    I sail on a river and the wind is usually pretty shifty, especially on the way around the corner. I have been sailing there for a while, but I still can't pick the windshifts and consequently it is slowing me down. I will be hit by a shift and the sails will back, or the boat will stop, or...
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    Laser run over by tour boat

    Wow, that's a scary (but unfortunatly not a surprising) story. I'll be interested to follow the court cases and see the outcome. I hope they find in favour of the sailor - it sounds as if the powerboat was majorly in the wrong. It'd be nice if this could serve as a wake-up call to all the...
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    Laser 2 Question

    I agree with you dannyv - helming is easier. But I guess if he doesn't know how to sail it's probably better to learn to crew first - cause then he can learn about the wind and the sails etc. I heard it's possible to trap with the kite solo. Have you tried it?? That would be quite a ride! :)
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    Rules Questions

    I thought we could have a thread for real-life sailing incidents where we are not sure of who was in the right according to the rules - and everyone can debate them. I reckon everyone will learn a lot from this thread. To kick it off, here is one incident that happened to me: During a...
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    Laser 2 Question

    I reckon it would be fine as a recreational boat. I had a laser 2 for two years and I never raced it - I just used it for fun sailing with my family and friends. It's not a bad boat to take beginners out in, as long as it's not too windy and the skipper knows what they are doing (which it...
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    NZ wins LV Cup

    Chainsaw - course we're still sailing over here! :p
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    worse top 2 thing you have done or forgot ?

    I once somehow left my tiller and brand new expensive Ronstan tiller extension of my laser 2 on the beach after sailing and went home. I didn't even notice until the next weekend when I was getting the boat ready and I had no tiller etc. I wasn't happy and neither was my dad as he had to make...
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    placing tell tails

    Yeh, I find that too abenn, it really annoys me! What colour are your telltales? Ours are red and green, and I can't tell if it's the sun in general or whether black telltales would make them easier to see.
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    Carpal Tunnel?

    Has anyone ever had this? My physio reckons there is a fair chance that I have it. It is worse in my right arm, but I get pain in both. I want to know if anyone has ever had surgery for it and how it went - ie how successful, how long to recover, could you go back to stuff like sailing...
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    Anyone Use a Mainsheet Ratchet Block with Cleat?

    Mainsheet block cleats are evil. Do not get one. That is, unless you want to sail your boat upside-down under a bridge and out towards the open ocean whilst you are sitting on the upturned hull. If you capsize when the main is cleated it will most likely turtle. Then unless you can find...