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    166958 Laser For Sale

    Yes, $375 for the radial bottom and sail plus shipping if you can't pick it up.
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    166958 Laser For Sale

    The laser comes with either a full rig or a radial set up, your choice and one extra sail for the radial set up or two extra sails for the full rig. It has a racing rig set up and an upgraded vang. I will sell the trailer for $450. I will sell a like new radial sail for $200(used for 3 days)...
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    Looking for a good Laser within a day's drive of Chicago

    Laser in Flint, MI Sail number 166958, good condition. Stored in garage for last 5 years. Will sell radial rig with holt upgraded vang and race set up downhaul and outhaul. Centerboard slightly chipped on trailing edge. $2700 Can purchase an extra radial sail used for 3 days for an extra $250...
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    Looking for housing in Miami, Fl for January

    This is EJ O'Mara of Burton, MI. I am going to be in Miami, FL for the first three weeks of January, training for Miami OCR and I am looking for a place to sleep. I am responsible, clean, and handy. Please contact me if you know of anyone.