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    2012 Laser Full Rig

    Price Negotiable
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    2012 Laser Full Rig

    Tried the email but got a delivery failure notice. Email matthew.d.sherar at for more information.
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    2012 Laser Full Rig

    Selling a 2012 Laser Full Rig. Hull Number 203914 Included: Seitech Dolly Fogh Marine Top Cover Carbon Tiller and Tiller Extension GRP Rudder and Centerboard All race lines and rigging 2 sails (one race, one training) All Spars + spare top section Compass with bracket Zhik II Hiking...
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    Used Laser Parts

    Holt Vang Lower Assembly with control line (less than 6 months old) - $200 Fogh Marine Laser Blade Bag - $50 Located in Toronto ON. Can Ship. Pictures available if requested.
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    New sail?

    Has anyone seen these sails anywhere? They look pretty cool.
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    Cunningham Rigging

    I have never had a problem with it rigged around the boom, I heard it was supposed to help take pressure off the vang tang. I suppose it takes a little bit longer to rig each time, but other than that, it is good. I prefer the lower purchase too.
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    Cunningham Rigging

    I use the system in this video, never gave me any problems.
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    I have 131414, it was built in 1988.
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    pre-rigging for launch - how to prepare for dock type launch?

    I always launch from a dock about 1 foot off the water. I rig fully except I leave the dagger board up and rudder up (but on). If there is a cross wind or i am launching into the wind (as long as it isn't too strong) if find as long as you have the mainsheet completely loose and you make sure to...
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    Keeping the daggerboard down

    I have the same problem, I find it pops up when I tack and then I have to reach in and hit it down (or kick it with my heel). I find if I can stuff some control line in the gap between the board and the trunk before the start (once settings adjusted) it helps keep it down.
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    wide hiking strap twists when tacking

    I had the same problem - I found keeping my strap quite tight kept it straight. I think decent shock cord would also help.
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    does your mast fall out?

    I just run a line through the eye's for the cunningham and outhaul then up around the boom vang tang. I also run my the bungee that holds my centerboard down through a loop in that line.
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    Most used Sailing Watch??

    I like mine too.
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    Old new sail - good value?

    I was thinking of buying a never used laser official sail that is 7 years old and has never come out of its bag. Asking is $375. I would only race with this sail, I have two others to train with. Do you think this is good value, or might the sail be badly creased since I think it is...
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    Coloured sails

    I know you can get colored ones (expensive and not legal) from Fogh Marine.,1699.html