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    Two Lasers for the price of one.

    Flex is not good, it is a very tricky repair as it involves either cutting up the whole area and relaying glass and foam, or just cutting holes and injecting resin.
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    Is injecting foam in mast & boom for buoyancy a good idea?

    There must be something wrong with your top section. When righting it, remember to have feet on the gunwhale and to lean off the board, and if you still have trouble, to turn the boat up into the wind. At 400lbs, with a standard laser or laser 2, you should not have too much of a problem...
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    Hiking Pants

    Hi all. Recently, my coach has noticed the deck digging into my thigh and lowering my body an inch, and he says I should get a pair of hiking pants. I have zhik powerpads, and I tried them for a while last year, bujt I found they made it harder to hike, not easier. My coach has gill speedskins...
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    Does my Drysuit Leak?

    Thanks. It happens all the time, because of launching, and if I do capsize. I wear gill hydrophobic gear underneath. Even wearing 3 layers (I kid you not) of long underwear, I was stilll freezing (last winter). What is interesting is the water always seemes to be cold, but that could be from...
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    Does my Drysuit Leak?

    Hi guys, I have found recently that after sailing with my drysuit, the amount of water inside it is crazy. How much is supposed to get in through condensation? Sometimes, I am warmer in my wetsuit. I wonder if my drysuit is leaking, because I get cold in it easily, and after 4 hours of saliling...
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    Rolled Sail On Airplane

    Hi, I am going to the 4.7 orange bowl and my race sail is rolled, is it possible to take it on the plane, or should I count my losses and fold it. Thanks, Laser 4.7sailor
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    Miami Wind Conditions

    Hi All, I am going to the 4.7 orange bowl, and was wondering what the breeze and air/water temperature will be for Florida at Christmas to prepare. Thanks Guys, I am very Excited Laser 4.7sailor
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    Laser one man trailering help

    Hi Terry, The right on is a great choice. I don't have one, but a friend of mine does, and he tows it with a Fiat! Best, Laser 4.7sailor
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    Traveling with tiller/extension

    Hi guys, I am traveling with my tiller and extension on a plane for my first time to Orange Bowl. How do I do this? It can't fit in luggage, and in carry on or in hand, it will be considered a potential threat. Thanks, Laser 4.7sailor
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    Searching Craigslist for Laser

    Hi Justin, I am fairly new to lasering, only been sailing one for 6 months (though sailed optis, 420s, and JY15s for 4/5 years). I do know a little so here's my two cents: You NEED a vang to sail, it is not optional on a laser especially. This is something, racing or recreationally, you will be...
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    Thanks Lali, I see what you mean, some things are just hard to put into words. Anyways, how do you find the right hiking strap lenghth, and also just something weird I have, I find it harder to hike with my zhik powerpads than without (or at least I think). Thanks, laser4.7sailor
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    Lali, also, what is the timing supposed to be for the rudder and bodymovement through the waves?
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    Lali and all, sorry for the misunderstanding. I was asking curiex if he droop hiked, and then I would tell hime to flar out hike/straight leg hike. I gave you the info about me: any tips? BTW, I always like the intput you have on this forum
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    for curieux: I found it the same way when I first started only half a year ago or so, but what I found is to a) build your strentgth to pull yourself into the boat b) I sometimes grab the toerail to pull my self in c) how do you hike, droop hiking or flat out hiking d) play the main, when you're...
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    I find the powerpads to thick, so I tend not to wear them