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    Roller Furling Info

    I added the Harken furler and have been happy with the result. Stepping the mast is just as easy as before when I use the jib halyard and another few feet of line. Tie the line to the trailer mast support and the hib halyard. Raise the mast with help from the halyard. Press the mast well...
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    Teak Splash Cowl

    Larry, Northwest lumber in Indianapolis carries teak. It is expensive, about $20/bd foot. I made a splash rail for my Mod 2 and still have some teak.
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    Mod 2 to a 3

    I converted my centerboard control to the mod 3 style. It was less expensive than replacing the mod 2 hardware, has less block less friction, and seems to be easier for single handed sailing. Remove everything except the two blocks just below the cuddy. Remove the starboard block but use...
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    cuddy cover, hiking stick, sail repari

    Also check your messages. (I sometimes forget to look at that part of this nice forum.)
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    Want teak door to storage area

    Ed, Some of my original postings are no longer on the site. I have a Mod 2 and pulled the fiberglass tub. Take a look at the door open picture. I made small "inside compartments" on the inside of the door for additional storage. They work great but slightly limit access to the space uner...
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    Want teak door to storage area

    I used a table saw, jig saw and router. The hinges are a lift-off variety so you can have full access. The inside compartment on the door will block access if it is too deep.
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    Want teak door to storage area

    Teak Door By request, I have re posted the teak door pictures
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    Want teak door to storage area

    Try searching for the word "teak". I built a teak door and posted some pictures.
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    Boom/mast attachment - please help w/ pics

    Two more boom position questions I have two related boom position questions that came up while setting up my boomkicker. 1. How high should the boom, or more specifically the gooseneck, be from the base of the mast? I have not seen any specific dimensions on drawings in the manual. 2...
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    Centerboard Control

    I converted to the newer system and like it much better as well.
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    Jib Car Replacement

    Dave, Thanks for the tip. They work great and saved a hundred dollars compared to swivel cars.
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    Jib Car Replacement

    I am thinking of replacing my jib car with either Harken H452 or Ronstan 81942. The swivel feature looks attractive for single handed sailing by keeping the cleat in line with the skipper rather than pulling at an angle. Also, I thought the swivel fairlead might allow the jib sheet to release...
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    Centerboard Sticking

    My centerboard seems to stick from time to time. I have removed it cleaned and polished it. Still it sticks - but only sometimes. Does anyone recommend lubrication or will that collect dirt and make matters worse? If lubricatoin helps, what should it be?
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    Boat Modifications

    I had some teak so I used it but other hardwoods should also last for years.
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    Boat Modifications

    Battery Charger My Capri 14.2 sits on a trailer at the club during the week. There is no electricity around so I mounted a solar battery charger to refresh teh battery. Here is a solar battery charger mounted on the stern. It removes easily for sailing