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    14.2 Expo

    Expo We have a 14.2 Expo. It is going to sail differently from the traditional rig. It is incredibly easy to rig and to sail. If you really want to learn sail tuning, you probably want the trad rig. If you just want to sail and not spend a lot of time at the ramp, then the Expo is the way...
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    For Sale - Catalina Capri Expo 14.2

    $5900 Houston, TX Call Lark @ 281-225-2048 or e-mail See more at or at the Catalina site 2003 Catalina Capri, sail no. 45. LOA 15' 2". LWL 14' 2". Beam 6' 2". Draft 3" 6"...
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    Centerboard control /hold down

    Whoops, here's the file Apparently it was too big...
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    Centerboard control /hold down

    Here's the sheet that came with my 2003 Now I have the 14.2 expo, but the centerboard is the same as the more recent 'stayed' boats.
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    Stripped screws on vang eye

    Rivets YOU might want to try rivets instead of screws. The advantages are that you can use an aluminum rivet, this with the aluminum spar lessens the galvanic corrosion at the spar. IN fresh water, maybe not a big deal, but I've fought too many SS screws that were put directly into an...
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    How to get my Capri upside down?

    Re - Flipping I don't know what others have down with the Capri, but when I've done this before I worked the boat off the trailer onto stands and left it right-side up. It's a pain to lay on your back and work, but I'm not sure the deck is made to support the weight. Of course, you have to...
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    She flipped and turtled

    I read somewhere that this is what happens Since the mast usually goes over to leeward, now the hull presents all of it's area to the wind. The force of the wind on the hull pushes the boat downwind. If the mast is pointing down a bit, then it gets driven underwater until you turtle.
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    Catalina Expo 14.2

    Maiden Voyage Went out for our first sail yesterday in our new EXPO 14.2 (sail no. 45). We're sailing at Duessen Park, just outside of Houston. Of course, the ramp and the lake near the ramp were crazy with jet skis etc. Took us 10 minutes to step the mast, attach the tiller. We keep the...
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    Need trailer and centerboard

    Dealer When I bought my C14.2, the dealer also had a used boat that I looked at the trailer was in rotten shape. He said he could get a new trailer for $800. Seemed like a pretty good price. Here's the page for these trailers You could do...
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    Singlehanded on a 14.2?

    How much wind are you talking about? Seems that more twist in the main would help as it would reduce heeling force. Less leech tension = more twist. Have you tried reefing?
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    shock cord

    OK, here's a sketch Afraid my definition wasn't that great....
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    shock cord

    I have the printout from my boat And it shows that the length should be 4' 0" of 3/8" shock cord measured from eye to eye (just to the inside, allowing for the cord thickness - so actual length is 4" plus 2 X 3/8 - follow?). There's a drawing, but I don't have a scanner at home. It's the...
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    Trailer roller height vs. bunks

    Thanks I spent some time looking at the trailer and I talked to the dealer. I decided to raise them until they just touched the hull. DOn't really see that they're doing anything. THe bunks go further aft than the last roller, so they aren't going to help much with loading/unloading...
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    Catalina Expo 14.2

    Haven't had it in the water yet!! Hope to have more for you soon!
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    Tiller screw atachment to rudder

    When I picked up my boat yesterday, the tiller wasn't attached to the rudder. The dealer told me to just take the small screw out of the aft end of the tiller, pass it though the rudder sleeve and reinsert the screw. This worked except there is no stop to prevent the tiller from sliding aft...