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    Regattas, what do sailors want?

    In all our weekend regattas, the comitee provides every sailor with water after every race and maybe a banana and crunchy bars if they want, but that's all, and everyone is happy with that,and with the trophies we just print a sort of diplomas or someting simple and everyone its still happy...
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    One more...Qingdao

    Ok, I ve posted a few threads, and I have to say I´m very happy with the answers, thanks to everybody who answered me those questions I was dealing with. Now, I got the hardest one that no matter how I examine it I can´t explain, neither my sailing mates. Our coach went to the Beijing 2008...
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    Light air sailing

    Well, lightweights should be happy when in a race it doesn´t blow much, but what about us the heavies? I strongly support the idea that no matter yor weight ,technique is all. However, from two important regattas I´ve lost many many places during the light wind races, so, what could I do to...
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    Laser sail rules.

    I guess its allright, specially if you are from Great Britain...
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    Ah...Ok, thank you very much, I find all that information quite useful, however I still have one doubt..At the very moment of the torque, what should I do with the tiller movements? Just slightly steer or give strong tiller movements with the appropiate torque?
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    Downwind sailing

    What I do is sailing by the lee as much as I can, going up on the lulls and sailing down in the puffs. The most important thing: Keep rudder movements minimal, they slow you down, steer with your body instead, leaning to windward to come up and to leeward to bear off.
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    any suggestion on sunglasses

    I´d get some hydrophobic polarized oakley sunglasses, they are very cool!
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    Too big for a laser

    get a Rooster 8.1
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    What sail size should I get?

    i just love the standard rig ,but in choppy water and heavy breezes it gets hard to control, so I prefer the radial, even in heavy storms the 4.7 is very cool to sail. it depends where you sail, the heavier the wind, the smaller the sail..
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    Hi everyone, I´m new and I joined this forum because I have some doubts I would like to be answered; I´ve been racing Lasers for 4 years and now I´m working on my upwind technique, I would like to know how to torque correctly, I´ve tried to steer only with my weight but its not as effective as...