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    Laser 2 wood stringers missing...

    Oh, thanks! Today we got together all the parts for the double trailer... I think. On Saturday we'll hitch it to the back of the campervan and then it's off to Athens, 3465 km away :D (And by the way, the first time ever that I visited Greece was for an IYRU Youth Worlds a long time ago, when...
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    Laser 2 wood stringers missing...

    Oh, my... At the moment, I'm trying to get two Lightnings in shape for the Europeans and Youth Worlds next week, and I'm getting desperate with technical problems that are absolutely trivial compared to yours! If my understanding is correct, the rights to the Laser 2 are held by...
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    Laser 2 wood stringers missing...

    No. Laser 2 building was terminated in 2008 when LaserPerformance was established by Performance Sailcraft Europe buying Vanguard, the only other L2 builder. The chance of finding anything resembling a template for any L2 part more than ten years later is very slim indeed. Is that picture of...
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    Need Help/Advice

    Ok, thanks, that clears it up. Around here the length of, and number of sails on a Laser is such common knowledge that any attempt to further "clarify" things ends up doing the opposite... Vang: tie a knot (figure 8, or a big bowline if you want a "handle") in the vang line tail so that it...
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    Need Help/Advice

    What's a "Laser 14"? There are Lasers 13 and 16, so I assume it's either of those, or something similar. When you say "no jib", I take it that the boat is supposed to have a jib, and leaving it out does lead to handling problems like yours. Coming out of a slow tack is especially hard when...
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    Tell Tail placement on Laser 4.7 sail

    4.7 sails used to have a triangular telltail window, with the tail intended to to be attached to its forward corner. I'd try that location first:
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    Elvstrom Laser sails

    I don't have a source at hand right now, but I think that the original cloth weight was 3.2 oz. The Elvström crown was changed to a generic "Laser" patch at some time before the 1974 Worlds. And unlike LooserLu says in this thread, there is no rule that prohibits racing with an old sail sail...
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    Has anyone had black mold in their hull?

    That's what most old fibreglass dinghies look like inside. The problem isn't the mold itself but the moisture that's been there long enough to enable it to grow; on a Laser 2 there's a risk that the wooden internal supporting structures are in bad shape for the same reason. You can try vinegar...
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    Reinforce mast step or not?

    Just add a layer of fresh gelcoat (or epoxy) to restore the tube to its original length & shape. Then you can throw in a 1 mm thick loose disk (of any material) on top of that. _
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    Reinforce mast step or not?

    The "doughnut" sure looks small and even incomplete compared to other examples, but that's good news as you have less of it to remove for the preventative repair. The weight of a couple of layers of fibreglass in that small area is trivial. You even have an inspection port already there. I'd...
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    Laser – Olympic Worldcup 2018 – Finals – Marseille FRA – Final results

    Exactly. To the sailors SWC regattas are essentially meaningless, unless they're used for country qualification. The commentators themselves revealed it this time right away: the 49er classes weren't participating at all, because of their nearly-overlapping European Championships. In simple...
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    Hull ID number means what?

    Perfomance Sailcraft (Canada), 62173, Model year '78, March. The so-called traditional list of numbers (which isn't on the LaserPerformance website anymore) is off by several thousand for the late seventies. It's the building month; see post #13 in this thread. _
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    Salt Water in Hull

    You probably have at least one inspection port in the boat to begin with, or how did you find out it's damp inside? Just flush the interior with fresh water a few times, let it drain through the transom plug, and let air blow through until it's dry. If the boat actually leaks, that's another...
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    New here, refurbishing an old Laser

    Alan, Icebiker's swivel cleat is the RWO R195L (now R1955). That exact fitting was the only other cleating option to side-deck cleats for a long time. The difference to other, now legal integrated-cleat blocks is the fastening method with the four "extra" screws (which have caused Icebiker's...
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    rachet block

    L & VW, the picture you posted is of Torlon bearings, which I understand are for high-load big-boat blocks. No difference between automatic and manual (dinghy-size) ratchets, both use Delrin balls.