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    Ovington - Standard Carbon Lower Section?

    No talk about a carbon Standard lower that I know of. "Carbon top and lower section" doesn't necessarily mean "carbon top and carbon lower section". It's just a list of items you get with a complete boat. _
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    Decipher sail # & Year of Mfg

    You do not have all the information, but enough. The initial ”X” is most likely a Z, so the boat was built by the original Performance Sailcraft in Montreal. The sail number is 104793, which points to a late 1982 build. The year and month are missing and should come after the ”M”. _
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    Laser II capsize recovering solo

    Sounds like neither your weight nor turtling is the problem, but "re-capsizing". First, start righting the boat so that the rig points away from the wind. If the boat doesn't come up fast enough, it may turn the other (wrong) way, and you may have to start again, towards the other side. But...
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    Another mast step repair thread :)

    Answer: because class rule 20 says, "Inspection ports... may be installed on the deck or in the cockpit to provide access to the hull cavity..." Counterquestion: what sense would it make? _
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    Age of 470?

    When I was racing the 470 (a long time ago) with my brother helming, he actually preferred the deck cleats. For the traveller, I recommend a simple bridle. It doesn't even have to be adjustable. Just copy it from any 420. _
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    ILCA vs

    Ok, lesson learned (once again): read the fine print :oops: So let me correct my previous post: all sails sold by LP are illegal. Should have realized that if someone is already producing fake plaques, then fake buttons are next... _
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    Age of 470?

    The thwart sounds like a very early-70s cleat location. And not a good one! You have at least one on the top of the centreboard case with an aft lead block, which is a good way to lead most of the controls. New boats (most of which are Mackays) have almost everything led to the side decks, but...
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    ILCA vs

    The ad is of course the real thing. The LP Radial is really a bit confusing. It says it has the button, and if so, it's legal, but the 20 % price drop doesn't make sense. Who knows what they're thinking. Maybe they want to get rid of their existing stock of legal sails - it...
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    ILCA vs

    Answers: if a sail - or any other piece of equpment - is suspiciously cheap, then it's highly likely fake. If you give a link to those you found, we can (possibly) say for sure. The situation is a bit more complicated now that as LaserPerformance still owns the "Laser" trademark, they can keep...
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    Age of 470?

    Looks fine generally, though the pictures don't show that much detail because of the resolution (and shadows). What/who have you used as sources for the layout? Do you still have unanswered questions? _
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    Anyone know what this boat is?

    That's a Skate. (The insignia should obviously be read, "SK-8" :D ) The following information is from the sailboats '74 catalogue by Yacht Racing magazine: SKATE Wesley Lazott LOA: 10'2" BEAM: 3'4" DRAFT: 0'4" SAIL AREAS IN SQ.FT.: 40 + 0 = 40 CLASS WEIGHT: 80 lbs Daggerboard CONSTRUCTION...
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    Main sail halyard stuck

    Ok, so there's a round "extra" tube inside the mast. I didn't know that! Can you measure its length and how far its ends are from the mast foot? In the picture it looks like it starts between the halyard racks and the diamond stays. _
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    Ben Ainslie sailing in spat socks

    You can see him both with and without them in many other pictures in the same book. But this is what he says himself on page 80 (first edition): "Boots are also very important. You need plenty of padding so that when you hike out your feet do not get bruised and sore. You also need to be able...
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    Splicing Eye Loops Close Together

    That depends completely on the length of the primary line. The turning block can be anywhere. _
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    Has anyone had one of these?

    A block with an ”integrated” cleat is perfectly legal, but you probably won’t get the angle ever right for all conditions and points of sail. The R195L is different because the vertical cleat angle stays the same (in relation to the hull). But as you can read from above posts, it has other...