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    books on sunfish

    Maybe for the other books?
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    Best Epoxy Filler

    That video confirms what I have read. Epoxy and glass filler sands like concrete. The micro ballons sand nicely because they are hollow and result in a porous surface that you should not use below the waterline. If I were covering a patch on my boat for a cosmetic smooth finish I would use no...
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    phantom sailors?

    I have a phantom, but I think we have communicated before. I have not had mine in the water yet so I can't help you with rigging. Can you post a picture of yours? I'ld be interested in seeing what you can walk around in.
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    Beldar Boathead and Old Geezer

    I personally find the responses of both Beldar Boathead and Old Geezer to be quite informative and even hilarious at times. They both offer great insight. If you can not appreciate the sarcastic humor of Old Geezer than don’t read his comments. When I first joined this forum Old Geezer was...
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    Snark Questions (Beached Snark Skinned Alive!)

    First let me say that I have no experience yet with laying fiberglass cloth and resin. I have only read a bit to try to prepare to do it. I’m basing this answer only on what I have read – not experience, but I’m pretty sure of this answer. To understand the problems you are facing you need...
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    2 questions

    You must have a loose wire. There is no rocket science between the car and the light. Check your connections and wire insulation.
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    Best Epoxy Filler

    I've read that microballoons will result in easier working and sanding but will leave a porous surface that will adsorb water so it should not be used below the waterline. (Sailboat Hull & Deck Repair, by Don Casey, Published by International Marine, Camden, Maine 1996) I agree with Dan -...
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    How long before new epoxy goes sailing?

    If you want to sail fast look at MarineTex. It sets in 5 minutes. I used it to seal my "split lip". It worked great. Good luck.
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    Fiberglass repair

    I'll chip the damage out and attach some pictures (inside and out) this weekend. What you said makes sense though. The heavy glass weave I can see from the inside looks fine. With the thickness of the hull there can't be too much damage on the outside. A gelcoat seal on the outside and...
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    Fiberglass repair

    Just chipping away the damage and patching with gelcoat seems like a simple but great idea. I could even lay up an extra layer of glass over the inside to give it a tad more strength in case some of the glass was damaged. Thank you for the great time saving advice! As they say... "KISS - Keep...
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    Fiberglass repair

    Dan - thank you for the links - I will check them out. My research so far has shown that epoxy resin makes for a better and stronger fix. The only negative I've seen is that it can't be gelcoated over. It is an old boat and I'm not too concerned what it looks like below the waterline, so...
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    Fiberglass repair

    I’m in the middle of refurbishing a Phantom sailboat (very similar to Sunfish). I’ve reattached a separating hull/deck with marine-tex and the repair went very well, but the 5-min set sure goes fast! Next I put in an inspection port to get a look at the inside of some hull damage. I was...
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    Ever been snagged by a fisherman while sailing

    I had a teenage boy put a lure over my sail. I don't have a clue what he could have been thinking on that cast, but he did catch himself a big sunfish!
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    Old Sails/New Numbers

    How can the number be 1 3/4" thick?
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    Long distance sunfish trip

    I've got to wonder how someone would get past some of the more populated regions now. Good luck trying to find somewhere in New Jersey that you won't get arrested sleeping on the beach at night.