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    Any suggestions for upgrades to my 72 sunfish?

    I put a drain plug in the transom. My 72 accumulates a little water when I sail and I was tired of turning it over on it's side each time to drain it. Mike
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    fiberglass daggerboard and squall line

    I own a Laser (clone) as well, so I assumed he was being a little "over descriptive". :):):) When the wind is really blowing, the Laser stays on shore, and we go Sunfish sailing! I prefer the Sunfish to the Laser in almost every condition......... Mike
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    Metal bailer

    Not really......I bought ours for the kids, and the wife appropriated it! She likes it, while I am too heavy (250 pounds). Because of it's narrow beam (and my weight) it's too tippy for me.........So I Sunfish and she Minifishes! I did add an adjustable gooseneck and ratchet block to the...
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    fiberglass daggerboard and squall line

    Just bought one....thanks.....Can't wait to be "tearing along at phenomenal speed as you try to keep her flat… all the while knowing that if ya make one error in judgement, the dreaded death roll will be upon ya in Guinness World Record time.........rocking slightly from side to side while...
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    Metal bailer

    Don't think so. Our minifish of that same era has the metal one installed. Mike
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    fiberglass daggerboard and squall line

    I have a 72 Sunfish that I have upgraded to the new rudder, new sail, etc. I race it, but not supercompetitively (I am 62 years old). How much does a fiberglass daggerboard cost, and was it really worth it? I'd like to be able to point higher as well. Thanks Mike
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    Super Sunfish tall rig

    Is this an entire boat, or just the stuff needed to make a Sunfish into a Super Sunfish? Mike
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    Phantom Question

    Alan: My daughter just bought a beat up Phantom and has repaired it and is also sailing it in Michigan (Traverse Bay), with a Sunfish sail. She loves it so far. Likes the rudder raising system.... And the only drain does appear to be under the bow handle. We will probably install a transom...
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    Minifish or Sunfish

    I own two Sunfishes and a Laser, wife sails minifish and Laser II. She likes the mini........she can set it up herself and actually wins a bunch of races in our local club (minifish has a handicap number that moves her way up in the standings.) She really loves the minifish in windy...
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    Adding a drain plug in transom

    A center punch wont do much. I'd predrill a very small diameter hole as a starter. A whole saw/bit might drill a cleaner hole, but a sharp drill bit works as well. Chipping isn't a real problem if you are installing a full drain plug assembly, as it will cover most chipping. If you are...
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    Sailcraft: I read an old post of yours that stated you had some old Phantom bailers for $5. Do...

    Sailcraft: I read an old post of yours that stated you had some old Phantom bailers for $5. Do you still have them? I own a couple of Sunfishes, but my daughter just scored an intact Phantom for $75. It needs a new sail (which I have many) and a little fiberglass work. It's got some issues...
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    Sunfish rebuild

    Search this forum for how to check for leaks. That will help you decide whether you need to fix that crack immediately. Eventually that crack will likely need to be fixed, and you can find a lot of good information on this forum. You can find a lot of information online, or you could pick up...
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    Minifish Serial Number?

    On the flip side.....does anyone know how many Minifishes were actually manufactured? Just curious Mike
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    Sheet Line?

    That condition drives me nuts as does adding a length of cable keep the mainsheet out of the water? Mike
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    1964 sunfish all original parts and sail great condition

    The best way to determine it's worth is to look at Craigslist ads up and down the East Coast and compare them to your boat. Keeping in mind that on Craigslist, people list what they WANT for their boat, not what they end up getting. They usually get a lower price, sometimes much lower! You are...