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    Removing hull numbers

    If you are talking about the "state" registration numbers, they are usually "stick-on" and can be removed by heating with a heat gun or perhaps with a hair dryer. You may be able to minimize the marks left by the old numbers with rubbing compound and then apply a good polish/wax. If you are...
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    Manual for 1997 (mod 3), or Newer

    I emailed Gerry Douglas at the Florida Catalina Office and requested information on the 1997, or the current 14.2, as it appears the current 14.2 is very similar to the “mod 3”, introduced in 1996. I included “How Did The Capri 14 Become What It Is Today?”, which I copied from FAQ in...
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    Manual for 1997 (mod 3), or Newer

    Thanks Ron. I will call Jerry Douglas at Catalina in Florida. Ken
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    Manual for 1997 (mod 3), or Newer

    I would like a link, or info on how to access a manual for my 1997 or newer Capri 14.2, mod 3. I found that info for the older, mod 1 & 2, on this forum, but nothing for the mod 3. Regards, Ken
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    Shrouds and Forestay

    I needed new shrouds and a forestay for the 1997 Capri 14.2 that I just purchased. This is just an FYI for those of you that may need to replace standing rigging. At Catalina Direct the 3 were about $140.00. Catalina Yachts seems to be doing everything out of Florida now, and I was not...
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    JIB Halyard

    Thanks RK. That makes perfect sense, just had never seen it before. Ken
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    JIB Halyard

    I just purchased a 1997 Capri 14.2, and I understand all of the rigging with the exception of the jib halyard. There is a block with a becket tied near the midpoint (have not measured exactly how far from each end) of the jib halyard. I have sailed different small sailboats for many years and...
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    How can I tell which mod?

    It is my understanding that during the 70's & early 80's Catalina built the Omega 14. In 1983, the boat was redesigned and renamed the Capri 14.2, which we refer to as the "mod 1's". The "mod 2's" were introduced in about 1990. The "mod 3's" were first produced in 1996. I do not believe there...