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    Replacement Trailer Tires for an '85 Cox Trailer?

    You can also try Walmart. They sell trailer tires that are already mounted on a rim. The small tires (4.80x8) are about $30-$40. Look it up on their website. Judkei Reno, NV
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    Rudder Gudgeon

    You need a latch plate. It is attached to the hull and keeps the rudder in place (although it tends to pop up in a heavy wind). I have attached a picture of the latch plate and some of the other parts for the old style rudder. I have also attached a diagram and mounting instructions for the "old...
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    Brass rudder assembly for older sunfish

    Yes, they are for the "old style" Sunfish rudder. The parts are $5 each plus $4.90 for Priority Mail shipping (i.e. $14.90 for the two parts including shipping). Contact me at to work out the details. Ksjudson Reno, NV
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    Brass rudder assembly for older sunfish

    I cleaned up the parts and took a better picture. Ksjudson
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    Brass rudder assembly for older sunfish

    Attached is a picture of the parts that I have. If you see anyything of interest let me know. Price is $5 per part plus shipping. Judkei Reno, NV
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    Does anyone have any pics of re-1972 Rudder Config on Boat?

    Go to "", then click on "Files", then "Sunfish", then "Sunfish Manuals", and finally "Old Styly Rudder-Instructions.pdf".
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    Wanted 4 sunfish daggerboards and 4 fully kitted rudders

    I have a "new style" rudder assembly (missing the tiller extension) and a daggerboard that I am willing to sell. They are in fair condition and need to be refinished. Some cracks. I can send you pictures if you are interested. Price is $225 for both of them plus shipping (from Reno, NV)...
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    Wanted: Sailfish side rails

    You can purchase teak handrails from West Marine that are very similar to the Sailfish handrails. A "3-loop" handrail costs $29.99 and is 33" in length. West Marine Part Number 113043. Judkei Reno, NV
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    Cut a Window in sail?

    Contrary to most opinions, I think it is quite easy to add a clear vinyl window to a Sunfish sail, assuming you have access to a home sewing machine and a wife who will do the sewing. Sailrite ( sells a kit that includes everything you need to install the window. It...
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    uh ohh..

    I told you we should have bought a trailer!
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    Pulley system to store Sunfishes over water

    This is a little late, but you could use a winch available from Harbor Freight for $149.99 ( Details are as follow: 1/2 Ton Capacity Pickup Truck Crane with Cable Winch Lift large, heavy items in and out of your truck. Crane mounts to your truck bed Base...
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    Pulley uptop the mast??

    Here is a post dated June 16, 2009 from someone who was looking for the pulley assembly to attach to the mast. You could try contacting Alan Glos to find out if he has another pulley assembly for sale. Jukei Reno, NV...
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    Pulley uptop the mast??

    The early Sailfish and Sunfish had a single pulley (block) at the top of the mast that was used for raising the sail. The pulley was attached with an eye bolt that went through the mast. You could easily duplicate this with a pulley from West Marine or other marine dealer. I think any pulley...
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    Righting Sunfish

    I agree that something else might be going on thought there aren't many possibilities. I still think that water in the mast and booms is probably the problem (once the sail and mast and booms are at the surface of the water). Even though there are only 40 lbs. of water in the mast and booms...
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    Righting Sunfish

    It sounds like the mast full of water was your problem. I had the same problem with a Hobie Holder 14. I would first drain the mast and then check for any holes and seal them with silicone caulk. Also check to see if the cap at the top of the mast is intact. You can run a small bead of...