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    Hiking Methods

    Your muscles don't know whether you are cycling or hiking. The best way to get better at hiking is to hike more, but cycling is not going to affect that.
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    Down wind death roll

    When I raced, I would tie my mainsheet to the back of my hiking strap, as well as a knot at the maximum point I'd want to let my sail out to. Because the mainsheet was tied to the hiking strap, you didn't have to worry about the figure 8 knot stopping your mainsheet coming undone.
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    Fitness For Laser Sailing

    Get strong through the proper lifting of weights (exercise selection and technique) and then apply it to Laser sailing via hard training on the water. Doing exercises specifically for trimming is silly. I always found the best way to get better at hiking for long periods was to...hike for...
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    Getting Back Into Sailing - Fitness Aspects

    You don't need to be a gorilla, but being as strong as one would never hurt you...
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    Rolled Sail Bag Alternatives

    I always rolled my sails and never used a bag. Worked just fine.
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    Getting Back Into Sailing - Fitness Aspects

    I hate CrossFit, but this is a well recognized gold mine for flexibility/mobility work: Buy yourself a foam roller, or make yourself one from PVC pipe. Four inch should due, but three inch will hit the knots better. It just might hurt a little...
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    Still hard to walk 3 days after long regatta

    Excuse me while I eat a piece of meat, a handful of almonds or drink a glassful of milk. Protein supplementation is grossly overrated and, for the most part, grossly overdone. I appreciate the Wikipedia copy/paste, though.
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    Still hard to walk 3 days after long regatta

    There's really no great need to supplement with protein, especially for the stresses of sailing. How'd you come up with 2x/day? Kind of broad, considering each person has a different diet, with different nutritional requirements. If your legs are sore after sailing/hiking, you'd be very well...
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    Competitive Weight

    Weight classes in Laser sailing would be interesting.
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    website, my sailing blog

    Re: website I wonder if Paul Goodison created that site himself.
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    Fastest Way to Fitness and Basic Skills

    I wouldn't necessarily call six body weight exercises "strength" training. Those exercises might be something to add on top of a program or on off days, but as your sole source of strength training? Anyway, people will choose whatever path they will, I suppose. I wish I could get back in a...
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    Fastest Way to Fitness and Basic Skills

    In my opinion (as always), I think you would just separate it. You get stronger and more powerful in the gym. Plenty of people get stronger only lifting tow days a week. Who doesn't have a spare three hours each week? Then, you get better at hiking by hiking often. Strong is strong. How that...
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    Fastest Way to Fitness and Basic Skills

    I'm not exactly "hard core"... That being said, no, you shouldn't. I've never understood why people use that pad. The only thing it does it completely wreck what should be a solid connection between your body and the bar. There are guys that squat over 1000 lbs without such a pad. The bar...
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    Fastest Way to Fitness and Basic Skills

    If you have access to a barbell and weight, you focus should be multi joint movements. Think deadlifts, full squats, bent over rows and overhead presses. Bench is a fine movement, but the risk of injury is relatively high and for all around strength/fitness, it is my opinion that things like...