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    DIY unistrut dolly build

    @bigken here are some photos with the strut channel dimensions added and a photo of the bow support I made. A few additional comments on this dolly build; to be honest the unistrut isn't nearly as rigid as I was expecting it to be before building it. The open C-channel of the unistrut allows...
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    CALIFORNIA 4.7 Mast Sections and Sails Wanted

    Looking for 1-2 4.7 lower mast sections to support smaller sailors using our yacht club boat fleet. Let me know if anyone has one lying around they'd like to offload. Also would be interested in 4.7 sails (racing or practice).
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    Laser "squarehead" sail

    I don't know if they still have the sail or not. I also don't know which version it was from Intensity or the condition that it was/is in. I'll ask around but it's unlikely they'll want to part with it if it's still around.
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    Laser "squarehead" sail

    The Intensity version was called the "power head" sail. My club used to have one in our gear shed. New Power Head Sail by Intensity
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    Laser Parts Clearance; don't pass up these bargains!

    Is the radial practice sail still available?
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    Buying new gear for Club Laser fleet

    Hi Riv, I manage a 4 boat laser fleet for my yacht club which we have available for member use. We've had a big increase in boat usage this year as well due to COVID and people wanting to get out on the water. The way we manage our gear/rigging isn't perfect but may give you some ideas to...
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    Parting Out Laser Sailboat

    I'm guessing by your asking price that the vang is a classic style and not the new version; is that correct? Any chance you have XD style deck hardware you're looking to sell?
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    DIY unistrut dolly build

    I just finished my DIY dolly build. I tried to duplicate the design of the Seitech Dollys at my club and used Unistrut channel which I was surprised I haven't seen anyone else make use of in other DIY builds. In total it cost me about $130 to make. I have a welder so I welded on the axles and...
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    Wanted: Laser Rudder, Rudderhead, Tiller, and extension parts

    Hi Bill_H and ParkCitySail, thanks for the offer of your parts. The club has already proceeded to purchase replacement components from Intensity sails. I might have some spare budget to use up before the year end though. Could you let me know what parts you have available and what you'd be...
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    Collection of Laser hardware

    Hi Jack, I'm interested in one of the ratcheting Harken mainsheet blocks (preferably the bigger one) and the pair of clamcleats. How much would you want for for them? Does the hiking strap have pipe insulation taped around it in your photos or is the strap not pictured. If the strap is a newer...
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    Epic day with our lasers

    Michael, I confirmed with our race committee that there unfortunately will not be a Friday night race this weekend. It's too late in the season to get the racing finished before sunset. So there will only be the Norcal races held Saturday.
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    Epic day with our lasers

    Hi Michael, If you're interested in official racing, the Laser Norcal Championships will be held down in Santa Cruz on 9/19 by SCYC. I'm checking with our race committee to see if they are planning to hold a club race on Friday night as warm up event. We've historically done this in the past...
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    Wanted: Laser Rudder, Rudderhead, Tiller, and extension parts

    I believe they had a decent turnout with 20+ boats between the full and radial fleets. I wasn't racing but was out Saturday afternoon at the same time as the regatta and unfortunately the weekend's heat wave killed the wind so most of the races were done in fairly light conditions. I don't know...
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    CALIFORNIA Wanted: Laser Rudder, Rudderhead, Tiller, and extension parts

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to find a used rudder and rudderhead assembly at a reasonable price. I manage the Laser boat program at the Santa Cruz Yacht Club and one of our members managed to lose their rudder while sailing over the weekend when they capsized and didn't have the rudder fully...
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    Old Laser help requested?

    Welcome to the old boat club! I just picked up the '74 laser from the thread linked above and found myself asking a lot of the same questions as you in this past week. If you want to replace all of your lines, you could check out this kit from West Coast Sailing Laser Line Kit *Recreational*...