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    I put my fish up for the winter :-(

    Houston, TX @ 7:00 this morning
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    Good idea! I've wanted to find a way to put a stretchy cargo net across the rear compartment so that stuff doesn't wander out.
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    Daggerboard aerodynamic advice

    I always assumed the chatter is due to a non-symmetrical shape (or asymmetrical drag, or too much play between the board and the slot). Pulling the board up shortens the amount in the water so there's less of the board exposed to whichever's causing it , plus the shorter length is less likely...
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    Do a search on 'water shoes'. These are available all over (Academy, Wal-mart, etc.).
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    what's lowest water temp you'll sail in?

    I'm a wimp (and have no dry suit) - I wait for about 75 degrees F or higher.
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    Ronstan battlestick install question

    You could notch the upper side of the tiller's end to accommodate the extension's mount. You may want to widen the end by gluing on some pieces of wood to match the width of the universal mount.
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    Newbie – tried sailing for the first time, and it was great!

    That is a beautiful boat.
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    Wind kept me in on Monday.

    Since I almost always go out with a friend for crew, I won't head for the water unless it's a minimum of 15 mph, and anything up to mid-20's is just fine. Past that it gets a little too sporty and I worry about the equipment holding together. If you have a slippery tiller handle then wrap...
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    Mast questions

    Good idea to carry zip ties. And kudos to making such a repair "at sea"!
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    Mast / Deck cleat repair

    Assuming the height of the lower spar is maintained constant, varying the length of the mast moves the entire sail forward for a longer mast and aft for a shorter one. I doubt a one foot difference makes much, if any difference, but I'm curious as to how the sailing qualities would change if...
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    Almost died today

    +1 on always wearing a PFD. A technique taught by the space shuttle crew trainers to the astronauts in the event they parachuted into water and the chute covered them was to "climb" or "crawl" out from under the chute. The same technique should work with a sail; i.e., facing up, act like...
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    Sunfish never rigged for Main Block

    Yep - loop the mainsheet under the hook and hang on. It won't take long before you're vowing to get a block or cleat before heading out again... ;)
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    Sunfish never rigged for Main Block

    That hook mounted at the front lip of the cockpit was all the stock Sunfish came with (maybe still the case).
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    Dagger board protection

    Some are making an assumption that the water is clear enough to see an approaching hazard which is not always the case. Where I sail I'm lucky to be able to see a more than a few inches below the surface.
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    Tail Wheel

    I'd be afraid to put that much of a shear load on the gudgeon. In the picture it appear slightly bent at the bottom and there are spider cracks in the gel coat near the top to either side, but those are maybe not related. Then again, maybe I'm extra gun-shy since I almost had the...