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    help with mainsheet diameter

    Definitely 6 mm.
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    Am I missing anything?

    Have you checked the mast step or centerboard box for cracks?
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    Difference between old Harken XD vang and new "race"version

    Just two pence worth- but there is a lot of preference in what feels correct to you. I have recent experience with both systems since I alternate between them weekly ( I have two kits). I perceive no difference between the two systems. Each function similarly with no difference in performance...
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    Effective way to do hike bench training?

    Toshi, Upper end master sailer here. Your on the right track. It is challenging to do a static hike on the bench unless you do it every day for a long period. Plus it is boring without a distraction. Set some short term length goals, maybe watch a race on Youtube while you are hiking, and...
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    Downwind in a Force 5

    I don’t generally cleat so I can trim the sail in and out based on the gusts. For jibing- I usually let the sail out towards 90, as the transom passes through direct downwind, trim in to start the back winding of the main and finish the move with the rudder. But if it’s sporty- No foul if a 360...
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    Downwind in a Force 5

    On a Laser, the boom will be out less in 15kts then 7kts. In heavy air I will only allow the boom to be about 75-80 degrees relative to the boat. And rarely sail dead downwind, but just off angle and jibe a little more often. If it feels like it is dishing out on you, then snap the main sheet in...
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    Laser Repairing

    Looking through the thread, there some great suggestions. To spring board off a few, you could also shred some fiber glass into an epoxy blend and poor is in, it will help keep the epoxy from cracking and provide additional strength. Wait for it to dry then drop in the Teflon puck. This a good...
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    New to Lasers (but not to sailing), looking for some tips & advice

    One last thought- you may be getting water in the hull which would make the boat almost impossible to recover.
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    New to Lasers (but not to sailing), looking for some tips & advice

    Sailorgirl, Sorry you had a rough day 1. How old is the sail? If the sail is blown out, the controls to de-power the sail become ineffective. It won’t matter how hard everything is on or how hard you hike, the sail will still be full. 2. How tight is your hiking strap? If the strap is loose...
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    District 13 Fleets

    Thanks all - I have not contacted the district secretary yet and was fishing for the ground truth first.
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    District 13 Fleets

    Looking outward at retiring in FL and curious where the Laser fleets are located. No need for politics since i will be staying in the boat regardless- just getting a sight picture for active fleets. Thx K