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    For Sale: Santa Barbara, CA 1994

    The boat hasn't been in the water for over a year. Don't know if the bearings have been changed, but has had bearing buddies and consistently filled with marine grease. Call me if you have more questions 805-967-8931
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    For Sale: Santa Barbara, CA 1994

    Yup It's still here.
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    Cody, I posted my boat on this site with pictures if you are still interested. Or you can drop...

    Cody, I posted my boat on this site with pictures if you are still interested. Or you can drop by and see it.... Ken 967-8931
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    For Sale:  Santa Barbara, CA 1994

    Very good condition, roller furling jib, galv. trailer, new rigging 3 years ago, sails old, but in good condition, no maitenance issues, ready to sail. $2,000
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    Wanted: Capri 14.2

    For Sale In Santa Barbara, CA, Hull # 4460. Great shape. I'll post pics as soon as I get around to taking some :).
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    Had to drive to LA today, so thought I would drop by the factory. It was Very impressive, not that I got to go inside. Walked across the parking lot to the parts department. A couple of big trailers in the lot loaded with nice new boats. One had a new 34'... very cool, makes me want to trade...
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    Good idea about the questions, and thanks for all your work. This is a great site, I'm learning a lot!
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    :mad: :mad: Why is this site getting attacked by so much spam?
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    Furling Jib

    Love the Furling Jib I just converted mine about a month ago. Bought the Harken 434 device. I love it. It works great, rolls up neatly. Was (mostly) easy to install. I sail alone often, and it just seems a lot safer to be able to roll up the jib when the wind gets heavy. I don't race, so I...
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    What GPS

    Which GPS I want to buy a hand held GPS, but not sure which model. I'm looking at a few Garmin models. Does anyone use a GPS, and what is your opinion. I'd really like to see what sail adjustments do to my speed. Are the GPS units out there accurate enough for this? I'm not a racer, just...
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    Wisker Pole

    Thanks Thanks, bought one at West Marine. I'm an old (and I mean old) Laser sailor. No need for a whisker pole on a Laser, no jib.:)
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    Wisker Pole

    Where do I buy a whisker pole? And how does it attach to the mast?
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    Furling System Specific Questions

    I purchased the Harken 434 Small Boat Furling System hardware and have a few questions. I’ve been reading the C-14 National Association Handbook. The included drawing and hardware chart that appears to be from Carpi in Woodland Hills shows that I need to replace the wire that is in the luff...
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    Parts, Fixes and Woooo Hoooo!!!!

    I'm new to the site, and new to Capri 14.2s. Just bought the boat listed here a couple days ago. Been looking for a good Capri 14 for over a year. Found this one listed 5 miles from my home!!! Wooo Hooo!!!! Anyway, are there any online parts stores other than Catalina that you can...